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I Don’t Justify Or Make Excuses For People Anymore

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We all have the habit of always making some excuses for other people, and we would think a lot of different scenarios in order to explain them and their flaky or odd behavior or we will also believe our own lies rather than getting disappointed.

However, one day, we will realize that when we are making more excuses for others, we get even more hurt. When we lie to ourselves, other people will lie even more to us.

So, we will learn how to stop. We will stop decoding confusing messages or reading between the lines, as those that care about us enough are always going to send us messages which we do not have to question or analyze.

We will stop tolerating others that say more than they should or do just a little, and we will learn to let the actions they take speak instead. We will stop making any exceptions for those that do not make some exceptions for us.

We should stop escaping our own way for those that just want us when they need something from us. We should not be there for those that were not there for us when we needed them.

We should stop reaching out to the people that will only respond to us when they think they should.

We should stop thinking that other people will respond to our kindness with the same thing – some people will respond to our kindness only with selfishness.

We should stop thinking that other people may be busy and they do not have enough time to message us. It is everything about priorities. We should stop believing senseless words which lose their meanings when the sun rises.

We should stop being understanding and then start being more rational. We should stop complicating our lives and instead start simplifying them.

Those that care about us are always going to find some ways of being there, while those that do not care about us are still going to find ways of running away. It is that simple.

Those that love us are always going to show us, and tell us. However, those that do not love us are always going to love us just when they need our love, after that forgetting us.

Those that want us to be present in their lives are always going to make the needed effort, and stay in contact with us, remembering birthdays, milestones, and occasions, and will constantly ask about us. Those that don’t, are always going to be in the grey area between friends and strangers or lovers and friends.

We should stop seeing others in the shades of the color grey. People can be either white or black. They will be with us or against us. They will love us, or they will not love us.

They will care about us, or they will not bother with that. They will make excuses about not being in our life, or they will find some reasons for being in it.

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