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Handling A Strong Woman Can Be Challenging: 6 Traits A Man Needs To Have To Do It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of women in the world confuse being independent with being apathetic, and strong with being abrasive.

This means that they usually take the mindset “I don’t need a man,” and they make it look like they aren’t interested in everything in the person they date, pushing that person away, and after that wondering what actually happened.

However, genuine, loving, and caring women still exist, and they are strong, living their own lives. They also have their dreams, hopes, and ambitions; however, they want someone beside them while they are accomplishing everything they planned to.

They are well aware of the fact that personal power isn’t about not having the necessity of someone, but it is about the capacity of setting standards, welcoming only those people who will meet their standards.

Such women want to give support to their men, as their men support them in return. However, only the right man will recognize and feel comfortable with such a woman.

These are the seven traits which you will need if you will have the ability to handle strong women:

1. You will bring your own security on the table.

If you continually need validation and reassurance from the strong woman you are dating, you are likely not going to find what you need if you pursue a woman that is independent and strong.

That woman is going to be confident and secure in herself so that she would be satisfied when the man by her side is the same too.

While she is going to show you affection and love as she really cares for you and wants you also to feel loved, remember that she is not continually going to remind you of how much she needs you in life, because, to be sincere, she doesn’t.

2. You respect her privacy.

A woman that is focused on her own path and mission in life isn’t taking some time of her day to look for other people’s validation continually. She lives in the now, and she is too busy with everything else so that she doesn’t bother to care about the opinions of others.

3. You aren’t jealous or possessive.

A possessive, overbearing man will be kryptonite to a strong woman. Smothering or also coming on quite strong to such woman will be the fastest way to make sure that you are pushing her away instantly.

She is a really busy woman, so she does not need you to hold her hand all the time. If you are a man that lives his life just like she lives her life, without trying to intertwine the lives of you both, you will be the person she will work best with.

4. You are a really strong communicator.

In fact, this does not mean that you only know how to express your feelings and speak, but it means knowing how you can listen, and then interpret her feelings too.

Not every woman is affectionate or verbally open, but she will show how she feels in her own ways. For you, it will be essential to have the ability to hear what she does, and what she doesn’t say.

5. You are never condescending.

In fact, when you compliment how great she is at something, you are never going to end a sentence with saying “you know, for a girl,” if you are the right man for her.

If you are able to effectively create a relationship with a woman that is independent, you are going to see her just like she is supposed to be seen by a man – as your equal.

In fact, this means valuing and respecting her opinions, and openly speaking about yours. It even means having the ability to have a profound and meaningful conversation or listening to the viewpoints she has.

5. Your support is unconditional.

Mark Twain, the famous writer, once said:

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

In fact, this identical concept also applies to different types of relationships. If you are the right man for your strong woman, you are going to know when she needs to be protected, supported, or even when she would want a teammate.

6. You have an excellent sense of humor.

If you are able to lighten her mood at the appropriate times, you are not just going to be an excellent lover, but an excellent best friend too.

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