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Tonight’s Full Moon In Capricorn Brings Inevitable Change

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by Conscious Reminder

The upcoming Full Moon promises a revolutionary and evolutionary purge as well as release. It might sound daunting. However, that is the exact requirement at the moment.

Usually, Capricorn is hardly emotional. It’s all about determination, calculations, and focus. Right now, though, this is going to be accompanied by power and ferocity originating from deep within us. This is resulting in utterly irrational, instinctual behavior and reactions. Similar to the previous situation, it is both daunting and required at the moment.

This lunation has an eclipse’s intensity and perhaps a bit of the event’s finality. The cause is Pluto being so near the Moon. Pluto has been at its present location for quite a while, increasing the pace of deconstructing the fundamentals of our basic security – societal, family, infrastructure, and more institutions. These issues build into dramas and developments, which you can expect to reach their peak now.

It Has Been A Long Time Coming

The cresting began at the end of last year. From October till March, every Full Moon took place at their signs’ 27 degrees, making an exact aspect with Pluto. However, none of them confronted him directly until now. This lunation and conjunction will be the culmination of the emotional adventure that started last October during the Full Taurus Moon lunar eclipse.

A component of this assimilation is already stirred emotions being heightened. Other parts include purging, recovering situations that have been on life support, deprioritizing issues, or cutting out. Another part is furious, feral, and primal.

All Moon-Pluto conjunctions are compulsive to the point of being ruthless. This one also has Eris fuelling it. Individually, a lot has happened. Our current place is prime for dumping a lot of it. It can either be an unforgiving, cold acceptance, or ferocious outbursts that robs us of our ability to form coherent, simple thoughts. This lunation promises incredible emotionality, however, stymying its expression simultaneously.

The approaching events may be cathartic since it has taken months for the release to build. At the end of it, we will be feeling better as well. Everything released will open up space for lightened or new situations.

Other Astrological Formations Of The July Full Moon

The 2022 Full Moon in Capricorn is also forming a trine with the North Node in Taurus and Uranus. This implies epiphanies, surprises, and possibly quite a bit of breakage. A bit of impulsive and destructive behavior can help, like smashing things you are going to throw away. A rage room would be a good call right now too.

However, it is not compulsory to be one of the raging monsters. Higher guidance and understanding are at hand, especially when special relationships are in the scene. This is due to the sextile between the Moon, Neptune, and Juno.

The present hullabaloo also features commitments, responsibilities, and obligations. The Full Moon in Capricorn is forming an uncomfortable semi-sextile with Saturn, its ruler. This connection will continuously bring up issues involving responsibilities, accountability, and burdens brought about by our communities and authority. The best response will be to prepare yourself appropriately and be present. After that, you can lighten the load.

If it still sounds daunting, then keep in mind that, at times, the best thing to do is to lose all control. Be honest with yourself. You have a lot that you need to release from your system and perhaps your life as well. So, search for a place that can be safe for it and get all these feelings and things out.

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