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The Most Common Traits In A Cancer-Leo Cusp

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by Conscious Reminder

Every summer during July 22/23, the watery Cancer season ends as the glitzy and glamorous Leo season begins.

If your birthday is somewhere around this mid-summer time, then you may have traits of a Cancer-Leo cusp.

According to astrology, the idea of a “cusp sign” is nothing more than a myth. No planet can be in two or more signs at the same time physically. As such, even those born during Cancer season’s last season will have the sign of Cancer and not any hybrid sign of Cancer and Leo.

However, planets with influence on our personalities, such as Venus and Mercury, remain in close proximity to the Sun regardless of their position in the zodiac. As such, Cancers with late July birthdays have a higher possibility of having important planets ruled by Leo in their astrological charts.

The opposite is true for Leos born in late July as well. This combination can, at times, bestow the personality traits of both Leo and Cancer, thus resulting in a “Cancer-Leo” cusp personality.

During the transition from Cancer season to Leo season, a universally felt change takes place. Cancer season is all about caring for the worlds within us while building sturdy emotional connections. Leo season’s energy fills us with the passion and confidence required to fully enjoy summer. This move between Cancer and Leo is a heartfelt and powerful one.

Cusp signs might not be valid astrological concepts, however, people born at the periphery between these two signs can still have an influential combination of their energies. Here are the most usual traits that can be found in a Cancer-Leo cusp:

Their Hearts Are Huge

Cancers are among the zodiac’s kindest signs. These water babies are born with an uncanny power to connect with others’ feelings, make emotional safe rooms, as well as provide comfort and compassion to those who need it. Leos might not be known for their empathy but they are also filled with generosity and warmth. They will never turn a blind eye to anyone who needs help or is feeling down.

They Are Influential Leaders

Cancer as well as Leo make up for the only 2 zodiac signs whose ruler is a luminary – i.e., the sun and the moon. Astrology often affords them special recognition and significance since they are the only 2 celestial bodies that we regularly see without any special equipment. As such, both Cancer as well as Leo are imbued with innate traits of notoriety, leadership, and power. They are probably more enhanced for a cusp, as well.

They Love And Need Tons Of Attention

Cancers are hypersensitive while Leos are known for their penchant for dramatics. Combine them and you get someone who absolutely starves for attention. It is in the nature of Leos to always hog the spotlight while the desire is much more subtle for introspective Cancers. For them, it manifests in very close relationships when they feel disregarded, unseen, or ignored and their crabby reactions become apparent.

They Are Naturally Captivated By The Arts

Leos’ love for attention is usually manifested through creative self-expression. The dramatic characters are perfect for performative arts and more. Cancer, on the other hand, may not be as performative but is a powerhouse when it comes to poetic feelings. Count on them to add meaning and depth to all creative endeavors.

They Have A Close Connection With The Child Within

Modern astrology depicts Cancer having a close relationship with our parents, home, and the past’s power. Meanwhile, Leo is believed to represent enjoyment, hobbies, and children. Combined, the focus becomes childlike joy, familial themes, and memories from early life. This gives rise to a naturally deep connection with the child within them.

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