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The Healing Benefits Of Humor And Laughter

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by Conscious Reminder

Humor lets us open doors, forge friendships, as well as find the light. When we are able to see Earthly life’s funny side, it enlivens us from within as well. Humor’s healing power is amazing, and it is very far from being a joke.

Having the ability to laugh is a wondrous gift. To be able to hear, see, feel, and know joyful energy is a rare blessing. Ever since humankind began, we have searched for entertainment. As such, laughter is believed to be a medicine unlike any other, but it seems we tend to forget that.

The Numerous Benefits Of Laughter

One of Mayo Clinic’s recent studies explained that laughter had both long-term as well as short-term benefits. Laughter acts as a stimulation for several organs by increasing the flow of oxygen. It also makes the brain release more endorphins and activates responses for stress relief. This results in an improved immune system, loss of tension, pain relief, and a general improvement in mood.

Furthermore, laughter can also lower our blood pressure while increasing our heart rate. Other studies covering the benefits of laughter also talk about how it can improve sleep and enhance T-cells’ effectiveness, thus strengthening our ability to combat illness.

Of course, the social benefits of humor are more commonly known. It is one of the best methods of connecting people. In tense circumstances, laughter is a great way to thaw the air. It helps us become friends with people who find the same things humorous, while it can also improve others’ happiness.

We invite forgiveness and acceptance when we are able to laugh at ourselves and our past mistakes and miscalculations. It shows us our common humanness. Laughter is one of the most effective healing methods when coping with and releasing the past.

Comedians distribute special energies among their audience by making so many of them laugh simultaneously. When we reminisce about past events when laughter brought us to tears, it revives the energies from that time, benefitting our soul, mind, and body. Seeing or reading ridiculous stories offers a temporary and helpful respite from challenges.

Humor Is One Of Our Best Tools

Humor is a way out of fears, anxiety, and depressive thoughts. Reading books that talk about ridiculous situations can do wonders for our mood. Mark Twain and Shakespeare are both authors of some timeless comedies. Silent films, like those of Charlie Chaplin, made use of silly actions to make the viewers laugh.

Public speaking offers a great opportunity to experience a funny joke’s spontaneity. Everyone’s spirits get lifted. There are many more sources of laughter. It includes funny sitcoms, dark humor and sarcasm, slapstick comedies, funny memes, crazy videos, etc. Everyone has their own favorite source of laughter.

Furthermore, there are methods that can improve what we view as funny. Viewing particular situations from a humorous perspective can guide us toward a more rationalized thought process. Humor can be a component of any package designed for stress relief as well. Maturity and experience teach us the importance of not overreacting. Instead, we must collect our thoughts while looking at the lighter, optimistic side.

Past studies have proved the connection between our bodies and our mind. Our health remains better. We heal faster, learn better, and have an enhanced spiritual awareness when our mood is good. The most thriving nourishment for our souls is positive emotions and outlooks, which we must make and convey to others.

Humor’s healing power is nothing short of lifesaving and life-changing.

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