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Spirituality Is Not Just Crystals, Reiki Healing And Meditation

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There has been a change in the horizon. From worshipping a particular deity to keeping our minds open to any new developments that might come up, we have turned towards thinking with clarity, eating healthy, yoga, meditating, and utilizing the healing techniques of the olden days.

And naturally going towards a simpler mode of life, happiness and contentment reign supreme over materialistic pleasures.

Instead of looking for the good, we are turning into it.

Spirituality is all about being what you want from life. Instead of asking for forgiveness, you are forgiving. Instead of asking for kindness and benevolence, you yourself are turning into a benevolent spirit. Your identity is what you previously asked for.

Spirituality simply begets one answer- your presence on earth is to help in the development of your soul. As long as you are alive, you need to engage in soul searching, which basically entails the question ‘Who am I?’

While taken from various traditions and beliefs all over the world, the basic foundation is the same. Your body is an energy field, and you have the ability to change the way your soul develops through your body.

Spirituality resides in the fact that God is omnipresent, omnipotent, and always in us. It isn’t a specific deity, it is everywhere.

Spiritualism upholds practicality as the main trope. Every relationship that you inculcate in your life would be an assignment and your partner, a teacher.

It will teach you to be responsible in life and hold yourself accountable to the things that you do. You also would learn what to do as an answer to someone else’s actions.

Energy is matter, and matter is energy. Neither can be destroyed or created. It simply exists. Spirituality is firmly entrenched in between both these philosophies and brings into account the importance nature has for us.

It expects us to bring into light forgotten or humiliated arts of physiology, psychiatry, philosophy, etc. It asks us to move away from earthly pleasures and see us for who we are, and what we really need.

Instead of simply being an unwilling servant to one’s thoughts, spirituality helps you be a willing member of the ensuing thought process.

It wouldn’t answer the question of why we are alive, and it doesn’t have to. The main purpose of spirituality is to embrace the ideology of doing good. It doesn’t matter why you exist and where you would go. What matters is that you are sent to do Good.

And you will.

Some may definitely use crystals and other such paraphernalia that others use. Yet, the need is mostly to do things that you love doing, rather than something that you are required to obey.

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