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10 Things That Kill Feminine Energy

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When it comes to women, what makes them strong and attractive, is their energy. Unfortunately, there are many things that can potentially kill a woman’s energy and dim her light. 

A woman can only be truly happy when she is first and foremost a woman. Only then she can be happy as a mother, a member of society, and as a professional at work.

So, please, never let anything strip you off your femininity and energy, because your happiness depends on it.

Here are 10 things that can rob you off your femininity

1. Excessive communication with the outside world

A woman should communicate with those who love her. Men are different; they are meant to face ‘bigger challenges’. I know many will frown upon this, but trust me, I am a feminist to the bone. I am not saying that one side is better than the other.

Simply, energy wise, women are more refined, gentler, more complex. One of the biggest mistake women make is dealing with low vibrations. It interrupts their natural flow and takes away tons of energy.

2. Lack of physical activity and care for their body 

Feminine energies improve when a woman takes care of her health and beauty. The deprived and sick woman is weak both physically and energetically.

3. Lack of emotions

Many women believe that it is necessary to show only positive emotions, that they should think positively, always smile and laugh. However, women need to vent out their negative emotions – not in front of the first stranger they meet – but with someone they consider close. Women need a person they can trust with their deepest feelings, because emotional isolation takes away female energy.

4. Lack of hobbies

A woman gets a huge amount of energy and positive emotions from what she likes to do. She must have a hobby, and the hobby should be supported by her man. A woman needs to realize what she likes, whether it’s dance, knitting, or something else is irrelevant.

5. Lack of creativity

If a woman does not create anything, her energy stagnates. Everything that a woman is doing with her hands – is creativity, whether it is cleaning, cooking, gardening or creating an interior. By creating something nice, the woman becomes beautiful. If a woman in his free time is lying all day and does nothing, she will soon degrade and lose all her energy.

6. The need to pull all the strings 

Women inspire – solving problems is not their forte. Management is not in women’s nature. It doesn’t mean women don’t get things done. They do as much as men, and they play a role as important as males’, but they have different ways of doing it.

7. ‘Male’ duties

Nowadays, we can really distinguish female from male jobs, but when a woman does a job that requires a lot of physical strength and stamina, she loses femininity. In the beginning, a woman who performs male jobs may look sexy, unusual and attractive, but over time, she gets more male energy.

8. Rivalry 

Female energy is destroyed in the presence of rivalry or competition with another woman. Women should not have the desire to fight for something, to prove that she is better, more beautiful and intelligent. She’s perfect the way she is.

9. Absence of friends

Women need communication with other women, this is another powerful source of energy.

10. Lack of personal time

A woman must have time for herself, for her personal activities whether they are reading or doing her nails. She needs her personal space and time.

Take care of your feminine energies and flows. Nourish them and never neglect them. And, most importantly, don’t run away from your nature trying to be something you are not.

Being a woman rocks. You are as strong, powerful, smart, resilient, successful, resourceful as men, but in a different way, and, there’s nothing wrong with it.

It’s not about competition between genders. It’s all about balance. And there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a balanced flow of male and female energies. 

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