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Programming The Mind To Help You Reach Your Highest Potential

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Programming the subconscious

The subconscious is perhaps the most defining factor for a human being. The fact that it is always on, makes it one long uninterrupted recording of a person’s life.

All the good and bad memories, events, teachings, beliefs and pretty much everything that happens in one’s life.

Accordingly, the subconscious can be a powerful resource when facing everyday challenges.  It can also be a big limiter if the individual is held back by bad experiences that curb initiative by fear, anxiety and other negative factors.

Accordingly, programming the subconscious can have immense benefits in learning and productivity.  How can you do this?


This is a technique of coming up with a mental image of the desired results. Forming the mental picture of a machine in innovation helps the creator come up with a better plan on parts needed, how they will interact with each other and so on.

 Visualization also works in human interactions. By picturing different scenarios, you are able to come up with better responses, for example when pitching a business plan.

Positive reinforcement

The subconscious is reinforced by messages that override negative beliefs that are limiting.

If a challenge looks insurmountable, repeating a positively reinforcing message like ‘I can do this’ can help makes the challenge look beatable.

This has long been used by armies all over the world, to give courage in battle.

Subliminal messaging

Subliminal messages can only be perceived by the subconscious, while the conscious ignores them or does not recognize them for what they are.

Watching videos or messages that have a good vibe, for example, will “plant” a good feeling of courage and happiness — as opposed to watching a violent movie which “plants” negative feelings into the subconscious.


Developing good habits conditions the subconscious to expect — and puts the mind in readiness to carry out — the activity.

Waking up every day at 6 am for a 15-minute exercise, will see you waking up automatically at this hour after a while.

Training develops habit, which is why skills get better by regular training.


Hypnosis releases the conscious mind’s grip enabling the delivery of messages to the subconscious, which can replace what is already present.

Hypnosis is a powerful programming technique that has been used to help kick off addiction.


Meditation is a powerful programming and reprogramming technique as you are able to internalize positive thoughts while shutting off any negative stimuli.

Consistent meditation has been shown to have immense mental benefits including better concentration and adaptation of new skills.

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