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The 4 Most Affected Zodiac Signs During The September Mercury Retrograde

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by Conscious Reminder

In astrology, retrogrades serve two primary functions: mixing up things and slowing down things. Of all the planets, Mercury has the biggest reputation regarding retrogrades.

As it rules over a vast array of things in everyday life (from tech to logistics to communication and transportation), the retrogrades can really raise a ruckus. The approaching retrograde will start on September 9th and will last till October 2nd. Its question to us will be about our current direction and having clarity over our decisions.

The September Mercury retrograde will begin in Libra and then enter Virgo, after two weeks. As such, interpersonal issues can strain relationships along with a messed-up daily routine due to timing mishaps. Furthermore, periods of Mercury retrograde are known to bring about clouded thinking, increasing the possibility of misunderstandings. So the ground rule will be to be as cautious as possible when it comes to communications and logistical matters.

For the following 4 signs, this Mercury retrograde might have a heavy influence. However, all you need to do is take a few bonus precautions for your daily life during the event.


The September Mercury Retrograde’s major focus will be on partnerships. As such, there can be a few roadblocks in your relationships as well as confusing issues with regard to communication. Past disagreements with partners can resurface suddenly and will call for detailed discussions. At the same time, past lovers can make a reappearance as well, providing a chance to reconnect or find closure.

Be very careful when it comes to making decisions on an impulse or fall victim to overreaction due to retrograde mishaps, particularly near September 18th. That is when Mercury will be the most opposed to your sign’s expansive Jupiter, amplifying the effects of the retrograde.


This retrograde takes place during the Virgo Season’s height, so the intensity is astrologically guaranteed to be felt. Moreover, it will be even more influential since Mercury is your ruler and it will retrograde in Virgo on September 23rd. The beginning half is set to impact the financial sector leading to monetary mix-ups and dubious deals that sound too nice.

Be careful about your expenditure since investments during this period may come with hidden and undesirable strings attached. Furthermore, around September 26th, be on the lookout for issues regarding self-worth and relationship dynamics.


The majority of the September Mercury retrograde will happen in Libra, so get ready for a bit of extra-personal mix-ups. You will be confronting issues regarding identity and self-expression. As such, it will be a great chance to assess your current method of self-presentation and general interactions.

Even if things may seem confusing at first, on September 23rd, you can expect a potential and a brief chance for clarity as Mercury and the Sun meet in Libra. It may also signal a turn in your cosmic journey with your focus shifting deeper inwards. After this point, you can establish a connection to your intuition using retrograde energy.


The retrograde may be particularly challenging for you since it will influence your public image and career for the most part. As such, be extremely alert regarding potential errors in workplace communication. So read your invites and e-mails at least thrice before sending them.

The upcoming retrograde will also be an opportunity to reconnect with the higher aspirations and belief system of your life. On September 27th, a peaceful trine aspect will form between Mercury, Venus, and Pluto leading to a boost in deep thoughts and an intense feeling of focus.

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