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How Taurus Season Will Affect You Based On Your Zodiac

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by Conscious Reminder

Aries season may have given us a sudden push, but Taurus is here to give our momentum some stability. The Taurus season is slow but sure.

It helps us build ourselves so that when we move forward, we have a sturdy bridge before us. Taurus also loves earthly pleasures like good massages, food, scented candles etc. But, at the same time, it is going to make us look at the future.

While Aries may make us impulsive, Taurus season will add rationality to those impulses. Taurus season is about opening up to the world of springtime and working hard for it. It is about enjoying the sweetness of life while being grounded in it too.


Since Taurus is going to be in control during this period, don’t concentrate solely on the luxuries of life. Use the rational thinking of Taurus to make you feel secure and try to save your pennies now. Make better choices with your finances so that you are capable enough to be impulsive later on.


It’s YOUR time. The light shines on you and you have the entire license to use your charm on others. Infuse yourself with the energy of the season – make spring your friend and let the sweet rains come down on your face. Soak in the positive energy around you.


You are looking for spiritual growth, but even now, you think of everything from a logical point of view. Well, Taurus can help you out if you allow it to. Take the lessons of being grounded from Taurus – go for meditation or yoga and let it elevate your spirits from the inside. Self-care is so important after all.


It may have been rough, but now is the time for you to go out more. Be social – talk with others and say YES to invitations. Don’t go cold on potential connections. Make something happen for you socially.


Aries put you back into work and Taurus will not take you away from it. You will be in high demand during this period and will end up being in the limelight quite often. Try to take up more responsibilities and make stuff happen for you.


There are some mental exercises that you are going to go for, Virgo. Your pursuit for knowledge will be reinforced by the Taros season – and you will end up getting a book to feed your intellect. Just go for a lecture which will stimulate your mind or read Foucault.


Two full moons in your sign make you feel all high and magical right now. Embrace the energy – the magic is all there to push you towards greater heights. Try to do meditation or pull out a Tarot card – let the planetary energy guide you.


You are currently thinking of getting a partner. You want to engage in a one-on-one committed relationship. However, you will be a bit obsessive and end up giving more to your partner than is necessary. Don’t go down that path. Find some balance and then, you are going to do great by you and by your partner.


The earthly energy is going to make you feel secure in your body. You will like to get into some exercise, de-stress yourself, and go out for walks. Well, it’s great motivation. Go out and have fun. Exercise is good for your health, so don’t let anything stop you.


Taurus is ruled by Venus, so you can feel a bit of sensual energy coming your way. Embrace all of it. Activate your romantic side and get sentimental if you really have to. Your soft side is important – don’t let fears of vulnerability obstruct you.


Taurus is about taking a bit of rest too. It has been hectic for you and you need a break. Relax, get back to your house and binge on Netflix. Get a quick nap if you have to. If you let your body get recharged, then you will be less anxious and more productive.


Super energies are coming your way. You will have a high time in the social department. Get out with your gang and go on an adventure. Try getting out of the house for a start and enter reality – you will feel fresh and new.

The Taurus Season is a beautiful and positive one. Make sure you use the energy well for you.

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