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The 7 Mandatory Rules Of Spiritual Work

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We need to pay attention to our spiritual life and the compulsory rules that we must follow regarding Spiritual Work.

These commandments will let us have the proper concentration and readiness to perform the prayers. These rules are essential whenever we want to perform any Spiritual Work.

1. Balance

We have to be attuned with our spiritual self to perform Spiritual Work, but it does not mean we can completely abandon the world of materiality. As with everything, balance is essential. Excessively spending time and energy on any one side can result in decompensation and lasting damage. They are unity’s two sides and neither side is prevalent.

2. Constancy

Everything has a natural order, and we must respect it. We cannot seek power via Spiritual Work without knowing the phenomenon taking place. Powers will come naturally when the time is right. As such, we have to be patient and wait. They can only be received because our will can never generate them.

3. Moderation And Discernment

To perform proper Spiritual Work, we must be solely reliant on others’ opinions. We have to be moderate and discerning, particularly when we are still developing. Support is important during initiation. However, it is equally vital to gain knowledge and mature on our own.

4. Humility

Being humble is among the most fundamental rules of any Spiritual Work. We must never think of our Work as something superior or better than others’ Work. Esotericism is a complete antonym of superiority.

5. Serene Responsibility

Always avoid performing inconsequential actions. This impulse may end up breaking relationships with co-workers and family members unnecessarily. The world of esotericism views impulsivity as something harmful. As such, intensely entering Spiritual Work may lead to ruining your future development in that world.

6. Relaxation And Tolerance

We should avoid being rigid in our actions. When we receive more information, we might feel like our mind has expanded and has become more intolerant. A peculiar temptation exists that makes us force others to embrace our ways and ideas. However, this state will limit our gaining capacity and reduce our already-achieved awareness.

7. Concentration

We cannot perform Spiritual Work if we lose concentration. Dispersions are unacceptable to the practices and study. Performing these actions while not concentrating or without deepening results in creating a false impression of knowing. Real knowledge lies in understating everything surrounding us along with our present reality.

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