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Astro Forecast For The December 2022 Gemini Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

For those who are wondering, the Gemini Full Moon in 2022 does pose quite a paradox for us. As it is well known, a Full Moon usually brings out emotions that were hidden to elevated levels.

Yet, when we talk about this particular Full Moon, we also have to understand that this Full Moon is present in Gemini- which involves mental energy that is quite prone to move away from any form of expression. But this shouldn’t be the case now since both contentions and concepts would be flying around sufficiently at this point. 

So, such energies not only bring out the power to evoke some form of emotional expression, but they also end up demanding it from their surroundings.

This is actually quite unavoidable with Mars- which is wholly action-oriented right on top of the Moon- which fuses words with feelings. Anyone who feels that they are not being able to express themselves- will be able to do so now. 

The Full Moon In Gemini Will Have Mars Playing Quite A Crucial Role

This period will also see Mars and the Moon as close to each other as possible- as they are separated by just six minutes. This brings out moments where we would not be able to just deal with words alone.

In fact, we are actually experiencing the power of words that could move us. This Full Moon would also bring about the power of ideas that could evoke certain reactions. 

Before you say it, this union between the Moon and Mars will not be a quiet event. Rather, they would be serving as a two-part function in the current retrograde of this planet. This not only serves as a report on the current retrograde experience of Mars, but it also serves as a turning point for the season.

For those who are unaware, Mars is currently in the middle of its retrograde in terms of both zodiacal degrees and time. The planet has been in this position since the 30th of October and will continue to be in such a situation till the 12th of January. 

Mars And Mercury Will Make This Period Confusing For Us

Due to the entire retrograde playing out in Gemini, the action seems quite similar to a Mercury retrograde with just more energy. This results in Mars bringing up old arguments and conversations, along with older discussions.

They could lure old people into reminiscing about their lives and thoughts whilst giving opportunities that they would start rethinking a lot, as well as connecting several dots. Needless to say, the entire flurry has actually brought in questions and discussions about sanity. 

Mars has always been a major challenge for the illusionist Neptune- which constantly works towards increasing the projections, confusion, hypocrisy, and gaslighting that we see around us. Although Mars seems to be a few degrees off the square of Neptune, the fog still seems to be hovering over us. 

This Gemini Full Moon will simply make you realize that things are finally enough for you to start taking action. And interestingly, this realization will be upon in a flash.

There might be times when you would find it difficult to ignore the annoyances that have been dragging you down, which could be due to the presence of a disruptive Uranus to the Moon and Mars.

As it turns out, Uranus has ended up retrograding to the degree that it spent in June- so you might find certain connections from that month that could be bothering you.

Now, don’t take life too seriously during this period. Gemini is known for being fun. It is, therefore, quite disconcerting that Mercury isn’t experiencing that joy currently. The cosmic messenger seems to have set itself up in practical, earnest, consequence-aware, and goal-oriented Capricorn. 

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