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We Are In For A Very Important Astrological Weekend

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by Conscious Reminder

Weekends are important to us because they give us the much-needed rest. But this weekend is important for another reason. What is it? This is because of the Mercury-Uranus square taking place on the 18th of January.

Due to the effect of the Saturn and Pluto conjunction, we’re still forward-facing, trying to finish our work. And with the Mercury-Uranus square, the experiences will only become more so.

As always, your birth chart will be important to predict its precise effects on you. Mercury Retrograde is known to give major slowdowns. But this Mercury-Uranus dynamic isn’t supposed to be that harsh on your productivity. Still, you can expect to reflect on your actions.

This duo will introduce new changes in your routine, thus stirring up things. It might also bring changes in your interaction with others. Hence, this time might make you quite nervous and upset. Life will start running at a higher pace, leaving you to wonder if you’re lagging behind.

You’ll lose focus easily and it’ll be advisable to not make vital decisions just yet. You’ll feel excited and due to this, you are susceptible to distractions. When distracted, don’t do important paperwork. 

Responsibility and dependability are not going to be your best features during this period. The same goes for others as well; they also might be a letdown. So, don’t be harsh on others if they make some mistakes.

Communication will be a challenge because the Mercury-Uranus square might lead to miscommunications. You may say or hear something wrong and then respond to it wrongly.

This miscommunication may lead to arguments and fights. Avoid getting into any such arguments, whether it be face-to-face or over the phone.

The good side of this planetary dynamic though is that you’ll become more creative. You’ll think out of the box and have new ideas. So, use this power wisely.

You may also meet new people but the friendship will most probably be a rather short-lived one. Therefore, don’t get emotionally involved in a newly formed friendship during this time.

As already said, it is going to be a stressful time for you. To alleviate the stress, you may postpone a few meetings or events. It will help you think clearly and relax a bit. Watch your speech since there are chances of miscommunication.

And be extra careful during travel. Don’t make impulsive decisions, you’ll regret them later. Try to remain open to different solutions for a problem; it will help you tackle difficult situations.

However, the effects of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be opposing the energies of the Mercury-Uranus dynamic. You may not see it coming but this weekend is going to be a chaotic one.

Remember, any setback can be used to our own advantage. All the adverse situations will help you find the right path. If used properly, the work done on this weekend can serve as a foundation for your future.

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