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Find Out What Vocational Numerology Has To Say About Your Life Mission

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by Conscious Reminder

Vocational Numerology helps us identify suitable professions for us based on numerological vibrations connected to our birthdays and names.

The question of a career is difficult and long-standing during our adolescent years when we are required to study different subjects but choose one. However, it seems pointless to settle for one option so early in life when we’re not certain about what we would like to do for the rest of our lives. 

We encounter innumerable people unhappy in life due to their profession and experiencing a midlife crisis. Some people choose their family profession because it is a lucrative job or it is in high demand, but they are not happy with it.

On the other hand, we also see the market changing constantly and people jumping from one career to another. This makes us wonder about the appropriate career and how to manage it. 

Which Career Does Your Numerological Vibration Suggest? 

Tarot and numerology can help decide important life choices at all times and ages of life. No matter what people say about deciding one particular path and sticking to it until the end of life is untrue. We can choose to reboot the profession and take second chances as long as we live. 

Vocational Numerology, along with birthdate and the full name, suggests the most compatible career for us, while tarot helps us visualize our present flow of life and imagine our future accordingly.

A young person will never be able to make the perfect choice of profession, but an older and experienced person will be certain about what path to follow. They can make decisions to achieve success and happiness by making sacrifices and compromises in life. 

Vocational Numerology can be calculated by adding all numbers of our date of birth ranging from 1 to 9 except 11 and 22. For example, a person born on 07/05/1986

7+5+1+9+8+6 = 36

3+6 = 9 

Now that we know how to calculate our vocational number by combining our birthdates, we must also be aware of the professions suggested by our numerology. With the help of the suggestions, we can finally choose a profession that best suits us. 

Life Mission for Number 1 

Advertising, Professor, Medicine, Automotive, Aviation, Engineering, Sale or Commercial, Management Leadership, Executive Positions. 

Life Mission for Number 2 

Librarian, Neurology, Administration, Consulting, Mechanics, Broadcaster, Professor, Psychology, Politics, Diplomatic Career. 

Life Mission for Number 3 

Fashion, Aesthetics, and Beauty, Gastronomy, Event Organizer, Communication, Interior Designer, Digital Influencer, Artist, Writer. 

Life Mission for Number 4 

Doctor, Carpenter, Statistics or Economics, Dentist, Geologist or Biologist, Firefighter, Archaeology, Craftsman, Architecture. 

Life Mission for Number 5 

Researcher, Sports, Logistics, Sales, Tourist Guide, Communication Careers, Stock Market, Interpreter or Languages, Aviation, Lawyer. 

Life Mission for Number 6 

Landscaper, Realtor, Holistic Therapist, Shopkeeper or Merchant, Designer, teacher, Decorator, Advocacy, Gastronomy, Any field related to health. 

Life Mission for Number 7 

Criminalist, Chemist, Sculptor, Astronomy, Surgeon, Philosopher/Theologian, Esoteric or Holistic Therapist, Scientist, Professor. 

Life Mission for Number 8 

Judge, Public Servant, Prosecutor, Sports Coach, Administration, Investment or Real Estate Broker, General Consulting, Financial Career, Business Owner, Leadership, Executive or Management Positions. 

Life Mission for Number 9 

Religious Leader, Philanthropist, Doctor, Police Officer, Politician, Writer, Artist, International Relations, Teacher, Social Worker. 

Life Mission for Number 11 

Diplomat, Psychoanalyst, Esoteric or Holistic Therapist, Religious Leader, Photographer, Philosopher, Social Worker, Scientist, Artist, Lawyer. 

Life Mission for Number 22 

Ambassador, Engineering, Foreign Trade, Esoteric Therapist, Scientist, Architect, Administration, Aviation, International Relations. 

The abovementioned careers are ideal for numerological vibrations, and people are certain to attain fulfillment by choosing and following any one of the professions.

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