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Do You Celebrate Halloween? This Is the True Spiritual Significance Behind Halloween

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by Conscious Reminder

Candies, tricks, fun costumes, and spooky decorations; what’s not to love about Halloween?

It’s that one time of the year when everyone has the choice to be someone else. All fun and games aside, there’s more to Halloween. I’m sure you have felt a heightened sense of spiritual connection. Well, it’s not you just overthinking. There’s a reason why you are reading this.

Let’s dive into the spiritual significance of Halloween!

What Is Halloween’s Origin Story?

While no one thinks of Celts and harvest while collecting candies, Celts have an ancient connection with our favorite holiday. Now it’s become a holiday, but earlier in the ancient period, it was a time of ritual. Celts called the celebration Samhain.

Celts used to conduct several harvest rituals for future prosperity. Similarly, on 31st October, they celebrated Samhain, which was the last such ritual of the season. They also keep the Winter Solstice and the Fall Equinox in mind.

It marked the beginning of winter and the end of the harvest season. On a spiritual level, the celebration represented the turning of the wheel. By this, they believed that a person is born, lives life, dies, then resurrects. And guess what Halloween represented in the cycle? You are correct if you guessed death.

This is the time when animals look to hibernate, all the leaves fall, and a day grows cold and short. It’s the natural phenomenon of transition that the Celts celebrated.

Going into winter, they knew that the nights were going to get longer. And so, they celebrated darkness. We should note that darkness here is not connected to evil. Instead, the darkness represents the subconscious, seemingly empty and void-like. The Celts celebrated intuition as they stepped into the unknown.

Additionally, the Celts believed that the physical and the spiritual realms came closer during this time. As nature transitions, the veil between the living and the dead grow thin. And so, they honored their departed loved ones by celebrating death. This also gave them insights into what laid in the unknown; life after death.

Furthermore, they believed that accepting and integrating with the spirit world renewed their light.

Here’s What You Should Do This Halloween

Everyone can agree that 2023 has not been pleasant. This is why we must practice raising our spiritual sense. Everyone wants to heal from the losses we have faced. And what’s a better time to do so than this Halloween? Nature itself is transitioning. We can tap into her energies to reflect, heal, and grow.

This is the time of death in the eternal cycle. We will not get a more powerful hour to release and honor everything and everyone that we have lost. We can move on and grow only when we let go of the past.

What you can do is consciously try to release any negative emotions. You don’t even have to work on thinking positive thoughts. Simply focus on accepting what has happened and releasing negative energies.

Do you still have hurt feelings over someone who did something wrong to you? Well, this is the time to let go of that emotion. What’s in the past is gone. These energies will do nothing but hold you down.

You can cleanse yourself by taking salt baths. You can also practice meditation. It will help you release any pent-up energy and ensure that you return towards love.

Another thing you can do is to honor your departed loved ones. You can also send messages to your ancestors in the spirit realm.

Halloween is the best time to connect with your inner spirituality.

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