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If You Are Among These 4 Zodiac Signs, Expect To Be Affected By The Gemini Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

2019’s last Full Moon rises in the sign Gemini on the 12th of December, 2019. The Full Moon will spread its energy on all of us but 4 zodiac signs, in particular, will be affected more than the others.

Being the last Full Moon of the decade and with the new year just around the corner, a lot of energies are associated with this Moon.

This Gemini Moon will make us focus on the more responsible aspects of our lives. Growth is on the cards and we have to work hard for it.

These 4 signs will be the most affected ones this December:


With all the focus turning on you now, you will be feeling extra antsy. Your social vibe will be getting a boost but be careful about how much you share and with whom. Your words will be blown out of proportion so better be careful. You will be busy socializing and making new friends but no one likes unsolicited advice, do they?


As usual, you are super-busy with your work. But this Full Moon could easily tip you over the edge. Try to remain calm even when the Moon is egging you on. Prioritize your tasks and finish one at a time. Everything will be better once you have finished some of your work so hold on till then.


With the Sun in your sign and the Full Moon rising, you will be focused on your personal relationships now. An honest heart-to-heart is due, either to mend things or finally end them.

Even if you are not particularly looking forward to such confrontations, they are a necessity now. Be honest and the Moon Goddess will take care of the rest. You have to go through this confrontation sooner or later so what’s the use of delaying?


All Full Moons are intense for you. But this last Full Moon of the decade will be a bit different. You will now want to spend some alone time, away from all the hustle-bustle.

You could also opt for a social media/mobile phone detox. You need to roam your imaginary world when the Moon rises so don’t feel bad about canceling plans or cutting everything off. Your health comes first. Enjoy a relaxing day at home.

With Sagittarius and Gemini controlling this Full Moon, you might feel like you are way out in the open. But the Archer always knows where the arrow is headed. So have faith and hold on. New beginnings are almost here.

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