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Breaking Generational And Ancestral Cycles That Are Holding You Back

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by Conscious Reminder

They are undesirable behaviors or qualities.

They were passed down through numerous generations of our family until someone decided to end these destructive patterns. These bad tendencies, harmful routines, and self-destructive lifestyles are battles we fight.

Sadly, the majority of people aren’t even conscious of these terrible, endless cycles that have been bequeathed to us. Pay special focus to the negative, self-destructive tendencies in your life, though, to spot these vicious cycles. These are generational cycles or the ones that keep occurring and are handed on to our offspring. 

A “cycle-breaker” is someone who deliberately alters multigenerational family dynamics. To break the cycle, a cycle-breaker must delve deeply into the causes of their conduct and the actions of their family members. Breaking the cycle requires both in-depth self-reflection and deliberate behavioral modification.

In the modern world, there are innumerable generational cycles. And yet another destructive loop that we must all work to end. Whether we are connected to them or not, we must be the model citizen that our younger generation looks up to become mentors and better role models.

There is still wisdom available to you even if you do not know your biological parents, have no idea who your ancestors are, or have no one with whom to discuss it. Asking your advisors for any information they might have for you is always worthwhile. 

Get In Touch With Your Culture 

Glance at your bloodline and pay more attention to the name of the individuals; surnames may contain a wealth of easily accessible information, or even birth names can reveal information about family customs. 

Pay attention to the tales that are passed down about the ancestors in your bloodline, particularly those that are repeated since words have a special power. You can come across resources and help from unexpected places.

Genuine Self-reflection

Honest self-reflection is a crucial first step toward identifying and letting go of harmful ancestral patterns. As a result, ancestor work may also be considered shadow work. Examining the aspects of yourself and your history that are difficult to accept, love, and integrate is known as “shadow work.” You can’t just put things behind you and move on.

Cleanse Your Chakra

Clogging in your Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras may be caused by ancestral wounds. By using meditation practice, working with healing gemstones, or granting your guides and protectors authority to erase them on your behalf by your highest good, you can open and cleanse these chakras.

Choose To Make A Different Choice

These ancestor patterns will go on until you deliberately decide to follow a different course in life. Only you have the power to choose to shift; you must first acknowledge that you desire to have a different experience from these endless cycles, and then you must actively strive toward that shift.

Mediation In The Blue Room

Beyond space and time, there is a healing, peaceful, secure place called The Blue Room. You can travel there at any moment to have the talks you might not relax about having face-to-face with relatives and friends in the higher chakras and Upper Realms.

Be Kind To Yourself

It’s acceptable to take a break if the generational or ancestral cycle you’re addressing gets too upsetting to continue looking at. Strive to dig a little deeper every time you do, but don’t go too far beyond what you find comfortable.

It might be difficult at first to both notice generational and ancestral cycles and to make the required changes to disrupt them. But soon you will see that the effort was MORE than worthwhile after you experience the freedom and closer spiritual ties that come to you and your progeny.

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