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Here’s What You Should Know About The Past Lives Of Twin Flames

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by Conscious Reminder

Twin Flames might be two souls, residing in two different bodies in the material plane but inherently they were one.

They have been crafted from the same fabric and share a unique signature that separates them from all else.

When they incarnate on Earth to learn and assimilate the essential truth of the universe, they meet each other in all their lives.

And in every life they know it when they are meeting with their twin flame. This is because they share a bond so strong that it is hard to ignore its call when they are in each other’s presence.

Even more importantly, in every subsequent incarnation, this bond gets stronger and stronger because it keeps reasserting itself.

They may even have some unresolved issues from the past which might cause them some altercations in the present life.

But these issues plague the relationship only for a little time in the beginning. If the twin flames can communicate and move past all these differences, they come closer to ascension.

And in whichever life they are able to do it completely, that becomes their final life before returning to the source.

The ascension of the Twin Flames is also important because it shines its light on the rest of the world and helps in bringing awareness.

Twin Flames need each other to help them ascend higher, and be able to break the barriers that stop them from reaching the penultimate level of consciousness.

For the Twin Flames to make their incarnation the last one on this material plane, they need to find complete peace in the presence of the other. And help further each other on the path of enlightenment.

Their higher selves, which do not reside in the material plane also speak through them to help the other.

When they have mutually progressed like this, they’d be able to fulfill their destiny.

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