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Our Spiritual Entourage And Who They Are

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

What is Spiritual Entourage?

The word “entourage,” by definition, is “an informal group or band of people who are closely associated with a famous, notorious, or otherwise notable individual.”

The famous people are all surrounded by other people around them who are the people that they trust. The famous people feel that the people around them are loyal and they always seek help and guidance as well as support from them. The thing is that these are the people who help them and heal them and inspire them as well. Thus, they are their physical entourage.

But if you aren’t famous then who do you have an entourage?

Yes, you do. There are spirits around you. Don’t freak out just yet.

Stop your busy life and you will come to know that your spiritual entourage is waiting to spend some time with you. Your spiritual entourage is ready to connect to you through many signs, symbols, and synchronicities.

It is just that our busy life makes us feel that there are no people around us and this makes us lonely from time to time. We seek support and love from other people and when we don’t get it we feel alone and broken. But there are spirits around you all the time and they are waiting for you to connect with them. But you are so busy seeking physical connections.

A walk by yourself or a meditation session will make you feel like you aren’t alone and you belong. The sooner you feel that you belong some place, the easier life will become for you. And this feeling can be given to you by your spiritual entourage.

So make an effort to understand the fact that there are spirits around you who can make you feel like a Spiritual VIP. You are also great in your own way and you are loved, protected and taken care of by these spirits around you.

Most importantly, you aren’t alone and you should never ever feel that you are.

You are too lucky to be alone because you have your own spiritual entourage.  

Love and Light!

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