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10 Changes In Her Behavior That Say She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Love does not last forever no matter what films and books tell you. It has its own baggage of social responsibilities and more often than not, people just are not ready.

So what happens when your woman stops being yours? Do you get to know immediately? No. You don’t.

These 10 changes in her behavior might just be the cue you need.

1. She stops caring about important dates

She just stops caring about the things that were milestones in the relationship. The day you two first spoke, kissed, confessed love, moved in together etc. This is one of the first signs that say that she has sorted her priorities and that you and your relationship are not one of them.

2. She forgets to feed the pets

The ones you got together. Pets are major reminders and symbols of the well-being of a relationship. Especially with inert things like fish, you will find women forgetting to feed them/pay attention to them. That is also a major cue. The relationship is no longer worth her time anymore.

3. She doesn’t like the way you look anymore

You will find her talking about her celebrity crushes “she is allowed to have sex with” way too many times. She will criticize your fashion eccentricities and choices way too much.

4. You guys hardly talk

You know just what I mean. The sex is fine, but there is little talking.

5. The choices you should be taking together

Are no longer taken together. The decisions are just conveyed to you, sometimes not even in person.

6. She takes the smaller things in life for granted

Like you getting her breakfast in bed or you picking up the groceries.

7. You rarely find her telling you things

After a busy day, it is always you enquiring and you telling her how your day went.

8. She no longer does the little things

Like get you your coffee in the morning or cook when you aren’t feeling like it. Things become a bit give or take.

9. Attention no longer is given or asked for

Because it doesn’t matter anymore, not to her.

10. The sex is okay

The spark is no longer there. There is no yearning.

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