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It Is Possible To Reverse Karma!

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How do we define Karma?

Karma, at the simplest can be described as the driving force which makes us do what we do. All of us who incarnate on Earth have some previous Karma which we carry within ourselves.

We will always carry this Karma and it is this that decides our destiny. Our karma is the reason why we find ourselves in certain situations in life; our opportunities are caused by our Karma.

If you don’t believe we inherit our Karma and it leads to shaping our destiny, then answer a simple question.

If there wasn’t any such thing as Karma, why would people who do nothing at all, rich socialites and those who have inherited tons of money, lead a very happy and comfortable life?

On the other hand, many of those who spend their every waking minute working hard find it difficult to make ends meet.

The effort we put in is not proportional to what we reap and it is our Karma that decides what is in store for us.

Reverse your Karma

This knowledge might seem very bleak and disheartening to many, and you definitely cannot change the past. But there is good news still.

You can reverse the Karma that is yet to come, meaning you can change your destiny and what will happen to you.

after all, life on Earth is not all that bad. Yes, we do see suffering and pain on global level every day, but our problem is actually bigger. We don’t see the power of the 3D plain.

There are places on Earth, the so called vortices that can help us get a better understanding of what time is and how it actually functions.

As humans, we have one common problem, and that problem is the slow time. The slow time gives us security but it also feeds our fears. We fear of the NOW.

We would rather have things happen for us later, tomorrow, next year or maybe never, than to go through something that we didn’t prepare for, and go through it right now.

For this you need to know deeply about time and how it works. How it manifests on this Earth, by hours, minutes and seconds.

Once you truly understand the concept of time and you are enlightened enough you can reach into something which we refer to as sacred space.

Sacred Space is where we defuse slow time. We can pin point time even up to microseconds and know what kind of bad karma is about to attack us.

Once we know that, it is not difficult to change it and reverse its effects.

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