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How You Can Conquer Fear And Gain Mastery Over It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Fear is one of the human reactions which can really come between success and failure. Fear is natural – it is hardwired in our brains.

We don’t want to get out of the comfort zone and explore something beyond. But then, it becomes a hindrance quite easily. Fear stops us from properly exploring the world around us. It can stop us from getting what we want.

That’s because we have to take risks. Risks can make us lose everything or gain something great. The uncertainty makes us scared. However, for success, we need to face our fears.

Here are some of the ways in which you can conquer your fears:

1. Identify Your Fears

You need to identify what you fear. You may think that you can’t do something and that you’re afraid of doing something. You need to identify what that is and be comfortable with it. When you befriend your fears, you become confident.

2. Fear Is Just A Mind-State

Fear is in our minds. We are conditioned to be afraid of certain things. It is a way of protecting us. The thing is – we can control our fear by acknowledging it before it takes over our mind. By knowing what we fear, we can take advantage of it. Start by breathing exercises – take in air slowly and be calm. It will help your mental state.

3. Positivity Against Fear

There are many things to be positive about. Identify the things that are good about your life and be grateful for them. You should make a point to learn more about your environment and recognize the things that are going great for you – fun, compassion, and your sense of humor are all part of it. Be positive and fear won’t get to you.

4. Prepare For The Worst

There will be worst-case scenarios. You might imagine it to be worst but they can be stepping stones to greatness. If you hold yourself back just because of a few worst-case scenarios, then you will never grow. You have to come to terms with worst-case scenarios – you might take the example of skydivers. The worst-case scenario for them is death – but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying their sport, does it? Be prepared for failure – take it as a learning experience.

5. Take Action

Always try to change your ways and always ‘act’. Don’t get lazy and stop acting. You need to find ways to face your fears. You can do so by being creative and finding new ways to deal with things. Be creative and act. Reward yourself when you achieve something. That is the best way to handle fear.

Get rid of fear by facing it. That’s the way you can get yourself into the zone of success.

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