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5 Quickest Strategies To Eliminate Bad Vibes Immediately

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by Conscious Reminder

Bad vibes are everywhere. Wherever you may be, at home, at work, or even in the mall, you will certainly encounter negative energies lurking at the corner.

Most often than not, these negative energies have nothing to do with you as a person. But if you’re constantly exposed to them, it will take a toll on your mind, body, and spirit in the long run.

Our society is basically more demanding than ever, making stress part of our day to day existence.

It may be unavoidable but it’s something that needs to be eliminated whenever you sense you have enough of what you can handle.

Before bad vibes swallow you whole, do these tricks to instantly knock them out.

The 5 Quickest Strategies To Eliminate Bad Vibes:

1. Take breaks from time to time.

Sure, there’s a deadline you need to beat. But working too hard for long straight hours can deplete your creativity and energy, which makes you less productive.

Taking short breaks, like getting up from your chair and doing some stretches for a minute or two not only stimulates your brain to think more clearly but makes you healthy too.

Physical activity such as this increases your blood’s circulation and helps you beat a sedentary lifestyle.

When your mind is clear and your body performs at its best, negative vibes are less likely to affect you.

2. Set aside time for regular naps.

Naps are especially important when you start your day early. Starting your day with too much activity can deplete you even before the day ends. If you’re energetically drained, you’d be a good target for bad vibes.

Whether you take naps in the mid or late afternoon, doing so will recharge your mind and body. Make sure that as you do it you’re not overthinking things because this can prevent your mind from taking its much needed break.

A short nap for 20 to 30 minutes is enough to provide you with mental alertness without interfering your nighttime sleep.

3. Meditate to silence your mind.

In dreadful situations when the stress is too much and you can’t think rightly, use the power of your breath. Breathing meditation is the best way to quiet your mind and bring you to inner peace.

Look for a place in your home or office where there is less distraction. Close your eyes as you breathe in and breathe out more slowly.

Try to focus on your breath for 10 to 15 minutes. This helps you to relax and cleanse your body from negative vibes.

If breathing meditation won’t work, you can try listening to soulful music or uplifting songs. Whatever type of meditation that suits you, the point is to calm your mind and ease your nerves.

4. Think of the people you love.

At times, people do things to you that can strip you of your self esteem or even hamper the love you have for yourself. If you focus on their words, their bad vibes will certainly take root in your heart.

You can bravely face these situations by thinking of the people whom you love and who love you unconditionally. These people deserve more of your thoughts and focus.

Bringing in your mind the happy moments you shared together and how much they made you feel special will drive all the useless bad vibes you just picked up.

5. Take long drives or long walks.

If it’s possible to take yourself physically away from something that stresses you, driving or walking away is the answer. It’s the best way to take some space to breathe and heal yourself.

Walking in nature has enormous benefits. While the refreshing and healing capabilities of nature bring you comfort, walking also stimulates the happy hormones in your brain. As these hormones increase, negative energies are slowly eliminated giving room for more positive energy.

Driving has also its own benefits.

When stressed, your higher brain functions are shut down. Driving through familiar routes or favorite places requires less of higher brain functions, which helps you relax.

Being alone in your car while enjoying the scenery before you provides you with a clearer perspective.

Additionally, driving can give you a sense of being in control, which in a way boosts your self confidence and self assurance.

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