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5 Essential Oils That Speed Up The Process Of Emotional Healing

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by Conscious Reminder

Wherever you see people are more concerned about how they look rather than how they feel. Our emotions and mental health are always on the backseat when compared to our physical self.

When someone says that they are going to live more healthily, it is generally expected that they would have made changes in their diet and exercise routine. And physical health is certainly very important. And that is why your mental health is twice as much. Because our thoughts, emotions and feeling have a huge impact on our physical well being.

There are so many physical ailments, major and minor which can be traced back to mental issues such as anxiety, stress and the likes. Therefore, it is quite clear that maintaining good mental health is the key to a better physical health as well.

Here are a few essential oils which can help you heal yourself mentally and emotionally.

1. Frankincense

It is perhaps amongst the oldest essential oils to be used by humankind. For the longest time it was used not only in aroma therapy, but in various religious practices as well. Notably, it is known as the ‘Oil of Truth’ because it is said to purge your mind off negative thoughts.

It is used for getting rid of unwanted emotions. It is great for the healing and cleansing of your mind and spirit both. It is also one of the main oils when it comes to relaxation and meditative healing. Overall it is definitely significant for emotional healing.

2. Lavender

This one is the most well known essential oils. And by that virtue it is also the easiest to find. Its importance for aromatherapy is matched by its requirement in various physical healing practices.

It instantly gives relief from stress, not just your mind, but body as well. It relieves stress by fighting anxiety, depression and such other emotional and/or mental traumas. It has even been shown effective in helping with the problem of panic attacks.

3. Cedarwood

This particular essential oil is highly recommended in situations where you are feeling directionless or lost. By the virtue of aromatherapy, it has been shown that people found comfort through cedarwood and were able to ground themselves while dealing with life altering situations.

If uncertainty about something (whether big or small) is overwhelming for you and there seems to be no way out- this might help you immensely. It is also recommended for dealing with trauma and crisis. It makes the process of changing and adapting easier for you so if you need to get accustomed to a new living situation or a job; it is advisable to use cedarwood, to help you make the transition.

4. Lemon Balm

This is another very potent essential oil for healing. If you feel that you are too clogged up with unwanted emotions, it can help you purge yourself of them. It detoxes you and provides positivity that helps you move forward.

When you feel too bogged down with emotions, it will help you cleanse your mind. If you feel yourself too overwhelmed to the point of giving up and shutting down all emotions, immediately do a session of lemon balm aromatherapy.

5. Basil

For people who have suffered great trauma in the past and who are unable to move on from it, basil can do wonders. It can help you move on with your life by giving you fresh vibrations. Sometimes we need a little external help to shake off the fatigue we feel mentally and emotionally.

It can also be especially helpful if you find yourself plagued with negative thoughts such as self harm. It gives you the much needed inspiration to kick your demons and kick start your life.

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