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Capricorn Full Moon & Partial Lunar Eclipse Bringing A Strange Astro Spectacle This July 16

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by Conscious Reminder

The next seven days are going to be full of cosmic activity – we are having The Full Moon in Capricorn along with a partial Eclipse. You can say that this is a half-blood Thunder Moon Eclipse.

It will bring the crazy in your world, no doubt. During this Full Moon, you might want to find a way to contribute to society.

You have underestimated yourself and your wants from another person. That has led to the shyness becoming a part of you.

You are not someone who is looking to find approval outside. There are doubts in your mind but you need to trust those inner voices.

Since the partial Lunar Eclipse will be a half-blood Moon, so it will be quite a thing to watch as well.

What Is The Partial Lunar Eclipse?

When the Full Moon enters into the Umbra of the Earth, it gets projected into space. The dark part of the shadow of the Earth is called Umbra while the lighter diffused area is called Penumbra.

A Full Eclipse means that the Full Moon is in the umbra but a partial eclipse means the Full Moon is in the penumbra – that is, it loses a bit of its shine but it retains it fast.

The July 16th Eclipse will be partially entering the Umbra of the Earth.

It will lose its shine but will be lit partially by our sun. Hence, the copper-red coloration will rule its forefront.

When you look at it carefully, you might be able to spot the partial shadow of our home, the Earth, cast upon it. Hence, it will truly be a wonderful spectacle for all of us.

The Specialty Of This Eclipse?

During this Eclipse, the upper half of the Full Moon will be a little hidden from us, as per Tom Kerss, who works at the Royal Observatory Greenwich in London.

He has also written a book for moongazers known as  Moongazing: Beginner’s guide to exploring the Moon. For Londoners, the moon will seem odd as it will rise from the same place the sun rises: East.

So, what you will actually see is like a grinning moon sitting at a high place. Of course, it will be weird and people will find it a bit creepy. And if you are someone who is not aware, then the Moon will look a lot creepier.

So, if you are wondering when you could see the next Lunar Eclipse if you are living in North America – well, that is due on 26th May 2021. That too for 15 minutes.

So, keep your fingers crossed and let’s make it through this Full Moon.

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