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Forget About These 4 Relationship Myths If You Want To Find True Love

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

People hold several misconceptions regarding love and relationships, thanks to romantic movies, books, fan fiction, etc.

The most perfect scenarios are presented which woo the audience but are not realistic at all. Believing in these myths will only lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction. Therefore, to find the one, stop believing in these four relationship myths.

1. God has created only one soul mate for me

If you think that you have only one true soul mate and wait for them forever, you not only lose the opportunity to meet new people and make new experiences but also you won’t ever learn the nuances of being in a relationship. Don’t create such idealistic pictures in your mind as it will dishearten you and you will fail to find real love this way.

2. My true love and I will never fight

Arguments are normal in any human relationship and it only serves to develop you and bring you closer to each other. Thinking that you won’t ever fight with your true love is not realistic and will only lead to more serious troubles. Avoiding issues and suppressing anger is not healthy. Rather learn to tackle your anger in a way that doesn’t destroy the relationship but improves it.

3. My partner will never look at anyone else but me

It’s normal for people to be attracted to others, whether the appreciation is aesthetic or sexual. However, as long as they don’t act on the attraction, things should be okay. If you ever feel insecure or offended, talk to your partner about it.

4. My partner will make all my wishes come true

No one is perfect and therefore your partner will definitely not be the person of your dreams and will not be making all your wishes come true. Relationships need work, compromise and adjustment. They involve two human beings and not characters from fairy tales.

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