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Mercury Stations Retrograde On December 3rd For The Last Time In 2017

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by Conscious Reminder

Even though the exact duration for Mercury retrograde is just 20 days starting from 3rd December, the effects of this phenomenon can be felt from as early as 24th November going on till 1st January.

This is because Mercury shifting in the retrograde position is a process which has a certain build up, called the lead in time and is followed up by a lead out time.

The lead in time is called the Yin stage. During this time Mercury moves towards the Sun. Since this is a move inwards, for us too it implies inward Meditation and reflection. During this time you will find that your right brained abilities, such as creativity, intuition, dance , music, art etc all will be heightened.

During this time, your consciousness will get a pause to reflect on your internal processes. This first phase starting from 24th November is excellent for meditation because you are more receptive and responsive to hearing your inner voice. From 28th November onwards Mercury is at a near stand still and therefore it is usually advised not to make any important irrevocable decisions.

The time when Mercury conjoins with the Sun, which will take place in Sagittarius (13th December) is the time to sow the seed for any ideas that you want to follow up in the coming time. This is the perfect time to commit yourself to something and take the first steps.

The Yang or the lead out time starts from 23rd December. This is the time to spread your project and get on with it. This time of extended elongation of Mercury is optimum for getting your ideas to the World.

The problem with our world right now is that nobody wants to sit back and take stock of things. Everything is about action and movement forward. This is why the Yin stage is overlooked as everyone focuses on the Yang. But this view that you only need to reflect on your thoughts when there is something wrong is very detrimental to our mental health as well as productivity.

This has led to the Yin period being misunderstood by even the more aware of the astrologers. The time when Mercury is stationary is not necessarily bad for taking actions. It just means that your mind and consciousness is preparing for the future by letting go of everything that is no longer of use. Thus, instead of fearing that duration, you should be making optimum use of the opportunity.

Taking a pause is as much necessary as movement in forming a rhythm. People will tell you that you have to be extra cautious during this period where nothing will go right, but those are just misconstrued beliefs. The period that leads up to this process will see you letting go of a lot of ideals and conventions which no longer benefit you, either in your job, your relationships or anywhere else.

If you see that you are losing some people, don’t regret it as it for the best. Instead of cursing the time, use it to better prepare yourself for the coming year.

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