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Twin Souls Relationship: Going Through The Final Stage

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by Conscious Reminder

Twin Flames relationships are arguably the most tough to handle, because when the rewards are great you need to put in the work.

And all of us can agree that being a part of a twin flames relationship is truly rewarding and a lucky turn of events really, no matter how frustrating it might get at times.

You might already be well aware of the different stages that one has to go through as part of the twin flames relationship. But not much concrete information is available on what all of it leads up to? The final stage, so to speak.

So here is a rundown of what to expect in the final stage, if you are lucky enough to find your twin flame.


As can be expected of any relationship or partnership, the ultimate aim of a twin flames relationship too is a union between the two flames. However what does this oneness really mean? Does it simply mean that they are together now, physically?

No, unfortunately it is not as simple as getting married or living together. This union means that the two of you have a harmonious equation with each other; one that goes beyond the mere physical and is actually mental and emotional as well.

Many people misunderstand this to mean that the Twin Flames are now a literal twin copy of each other. They feel and say the exact same things etc. But that is not true. The two partners don’t become a clone to each other.

They still have fights and might not always agree on every single thing. They would have arguments about most of the decisions they make. But their overall purpose in life, their views about things that matter and the values they chose to direct their lives would be in sync.

Even though they might not agree on the methods or the path required, they would concur on the goal that they want to reach.

This goes beyond a physical union. This is as close the twin Flames will get with each other while they are still bound to their physical selves. Their souls, which are really two parts of one whole, would finally be resonating at the same rate. Reaching this stage is not easy.

And there are a lot of obstacles that have to be overcome along the way. But once the Twin Flames reach this, the volatile nature of their relationship is finally over powered.

Common Misconceptions

Like everything else there are some misunderstood concepts regarding the final stage of the twin flames relationship too. As mentioned before, this union doesn’t mean that the twin Flames will get married, or get together in the conventional sense of union. This union is more about their spiritual unity rather than the physical distance between them.

A twin flames relationship need not even be romantic for it to reach its final stage. There have been cases where the twin Flames parted ways (physically) when they reached this stage. There is no hard and fast rule that a twin flames couple has to be married to be united spiritually.

The real final stage

Again, what we have talked about is only the final stage that has been experienced by individuals while still in the physical realm. The true union of the twin Flames can only occur when they have left this material plane and rejoined with each other in the Spiritual plane.

This might take a million lifetimes to materialize so one need not lose hope if they feel they are nowhere near the final stage. Just know that it is destiny that you will reunite with your twin flames, no matter how many incarnations it takes.

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