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Capricorn Season 2022: When Does It Start and What Is Its Significance?

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by Conscious Reminder

Recently, we have exited the motivational power of the fiery elemental that is the 2022 Sagittarius season.

Compared to that, Capricorn is all about constructive and earthy attributes. After all, it is the zodiac’s most hardworking star. As such, the astrological weather is perfect for getting into a bit of productive work.

If you were diligently and mindfully harnessing the energy of Sagittarius’s inspiring action in the previous season, this is the time to use it. Capricorn’s earthly energy is hardworking and pragmatic. Use the harvested Sagittarius energy during this season to galvanize meaningful structures that will help you reach your desired material realms.

Capricorn is derived from ‘Capricornus,’ a Latin word that means “horned like a goat.” In the zodiac, it is the archetype representing sustained ambition. Capricorns enter the world carrying an innate and immense sense of responsibility.

As such, they are comparatively old souls. As children, this can make them appear as adults inhabiting a child’s body. It is freaky and often leaves a lot of parents feeling uncanny.

Capricorn’s Resilient Traits Make It Ideal For Pragmatism

The sea goat of Capricorn is resourceful and resilient. It moves upwards, beginning from the sea’s deepest depths via land and to the top of mountainous obstacles. It does so in the search for personal integrity and development.

The trusty goat of the sea’s ambitious manifesto highlights everything – pragmatism, patience, strategy, determination, and self-control. The archetype of Capricorn has a serious nature that fuels its zones of self-sufficiency and reliability.

Saturn, the planet, rules this cardinal sign. As such, it drives Capricorn to show itself via leadership, action, and self-initiation. Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn, is associated with Kronos, the stern father god in Greek mythology.

As such, it bears connections with boundaries, time, tradition, order, and structure. Determined Capricorn represents serious business. It expects the same amount of seriousness from you as well.

Capricorn also rules ambition’s tenth house. This means that during the 2022 Capricorn season, there will be some sort of focus on the career.

It can include strategizing, influencing, contributing, restructuring, or entering and getting better at a role of leadership. The 2002 Capricorn season will push you to be dynamic in your search for a successful plan that will manifest a sustainable and solid material life.

The steadfast Capricorn sea goat will start taking action with the beginning of the 2022 Capricorn season – that is, December 22. Its upwards ascent in search of the summit will continue till January 19th, 2023.

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