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How Tonight’s Full Moon In Cancer Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

On January 6, 2023, the first Full Moon of the year occurs in the watery, perceptive sign of Cancer.

The crab is the animal symbol for cancer. According to folklore, the little Cancer Crab bravely fought to protect his fellow water creatures. He lost his life in the process, but his legacy lives on in the stars as a testament to his courage, devotion, and determination to stand up for the people he cared about.

We are reminded of our own courage, devotion, and determination to defend people we love whenever Cancer energy is strong, as it is right now during this January Full Moon. We might need to use these abilities in some way or to remind ourselves that we do have them.

Due to the fact that this Full Moon is active in the exact center of both Mars and Mercury, Retrograde can intensify the tense situation.

Mercury and Mars both going backward at the same time may be a difficult pairing that leaves us feeling trapped, fuzzy, and bewildered. 

We can have a looping thought in our heads or find it challenging to go ahead. We could even believe that every stride we take must be followed by many steps back. 

Every living creature in our world has the ability to grow in its genetic code. Everything evolves. All creatures have an inborn, unstoppable need to develop. And we are the same.

Our goal is to grow and expand, and this happens whether we want it to or not. When we are able to surf the waves of growth, life is much simpler, and we can direct our progress in directions that uplift and inspire us.

Take a look at what is in store for you this full moon:


Now is the perfect moment to reflect on how family issues from the past are influencing your current difficulties because the full moon stimulates your fourth house of home life. Your emotional health benefits from this aspect of your inner existence being healed.


You could be tugged in a number of different directions right now since the full moon is shining light on your third house of communication.


Anger may be stoked by the full moon in your second house of income. This might be a signal that it’s time to put self-care first. Doing so will improve your inner calm and self-awareness.


Your emotions will likely be stronger than normal when the moon is in your sign, and your natural inclination could be to withdraw inside yourself.


You have the opportunity to rest, think, and recharge when there is a full moon in your twelfth house of spirituality.


This full moon is all about making connections with other people since it falls in your eleventh house of networking. Developing friendships with coworkers and friends is now really gratifying, and working on a team project makes you feel like you’re a part of something significant.


This full moon is in your career’s tenth house, so balancing your job and personal life is a major issue. Investigating that now might boost your self-assurance going into the new year.


You are motivated to break out from your monotonous routine and dive headfirst into learning possibilities since the full moon is in your ninth house of adventure.


Healing and increased understanding can result from a difficult but essential heart-to-heart.


The full moon in your seventh house of partnerships motivates you to take on an ongoing challenge with a close friend, a partner in love, or a coworker.


This full moon, which is in your sixth house of health and daily routine, might lead to an insight into how you’re taking care of your mind, body, and soul.


The full moon this month is in your fifth house of love and self-expression, inspiring you to put off demanding deadlines in favor of being more present and fun.

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