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Why Are Twin Flame Relationships This Powerful & Intense?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flames share a union that’s far more sacred and powerful than ordinary human relationships.

The bond gets formed by the Universe, between two souls who are made for each other and are meant to experience the varied mysteries of earthly life together. Their souls are interlinked and the dynamics of their relationship is pretty complex.

Possessing higher consciousness and advanced spirituality, twin flames are superior souls. They are called the “ascended masters”.

It’s believed that irrespective of their earthly forms, these superior souls take the decision to separate from each other in their path towards love. Through several hurdles, they join again in the earthly reality.

Some of the ascended masters remain “unawakened” which means that they are not conscious of their potential as they have not unlocked the energy residing within their soul. Inside they are extremely powerful and advanced souls belonging to a higher state of being.

Twin flames come to earth with some set goals. They wish to use their power for healing and uplifting. They choose to separate in order to understand why human beings are devoid of love, especially for themselves.

After analyzing the issue, they wish to solve the problem by the power of the true love they share. The undying love between them is enigmatic and has the potential to change the world.

The purpose of their lives is to transform negativity into positivity and the potential of their magnificent souls enables them to bring about that change.

You might be wondering what makes a twin flame relationship so perfect. It’s because their love is absolutely pure and not convoluted with superficial expectations. They don’t need to change themselves to form a union with their partner.

It’s important to maintain your unique qualities and cherish all the quirks that make you, you. Authenticity and self-love are of key importance here.

Being yourself establishes the bond. The perfect soul union is formed only when you not only love your partner and accept everything about them but also love yourself and embrace your uniqueness.

Both of you, pieces of the same ancient soul have chosen the life you are in, you have made your decisions as to your ethnicity, birthplace so that in coming together, you make the world a better place.

Celebrate the purity of this union that is supported by the entire Universe!

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