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Thank You, God, For This Person

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

A person will come into your life and you won’t recognize them!

Quite some time shall pass after your first encounter, but in your journey, it’s written the date when you see them again… your eyes meet and there is this eerie familiarity in the air that gives you chills down your spine, something you already know!

You will discover the soft and playful look in their eyes, like rediscovering the child within you, and you will feel the warm flow of energy that slowly envelopes your body, but you will still not be convinced!

Too much pain, disappointments, regrets and mistakes are blurring your heart, but this person is sent to break all the walls down – like the wind that blows away the clouds, it will make your heart and eyes shine again!

And later … if you are able to see the synchronicity, you’ll surpass the moment of your encounter, looking at it as the ‘coincidence’ that helped you find the answers you weren’t even looking for.

Telling your stories, you start to uncover all the unusual similarities; the same pain, the same wounds. Soon after you realize that it was written in your journey that you find and cure one another with the power of love that continues to exist despite everything!

Then it will be necessary to except each other with open arms, finally giving the love that you have always looked for, and then you will realize that you first started to give love to yourselves, you focused all the attention on yourselves, you began to love yourselves. You kept your hearts closed for so long, but now it’s time to take care of your own selves. You will see that the door of the heart never closes, it is impossible, because there is no lock on it!

A person very similar to you will come. They will give you what you gave to others, and you did not get anything in return, as if you were planting flowers, but the blossomed in another person’s garden.

It’s a strange life and it makes you realize that you were wrong when you said you shouldn’t give Love. And when you no longer expect anything, everything you gave away comes back to you. Love will come back!

On the ordinary day, when all your attention goes to your own self, when you have tried everything you wanted, life will give you the right person, the one who is really on your side for the better or worse, without an oath, walking together till the end of your journey!

Thank you, God!

art: Cosmic love by t1na on DeviantArt

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