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Which Zodiac Signs Will Be Least Affected By The Upcoming Mercury Retrograde

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by Conscious Reminder

The approaching Mercury retrograde is cooking up celestial mishaps and spicy drama.

The retrograde will be starting on May 10th and last till June 3rd. Although the mercury retrograde is technically an illusion, you should still be prepared for communication mix-ups and flight delays.

The retrograde will start off in Gemini before Mercury makes its way into Taurus. However, despite the retrograde’s bad reputation, there are some positives here. The Mercury backspin is an important reminder about taking things slow and spending time in retrospect.

Mercury, when it is direct, rules over technology, communication, and travel, ensuring that everything stays under control. However, when it turns retrograde, the boat starts to rock. This means brain fog, disrupted travel plans, as well as misunderstandings.

Furthermore, since this planetary retrograde takes place in Gemini, Mercury’s native sign, be ready for regular miscommunications and tech malfunctions. Later on, when the planet enters Taurus, you may feel the urge to spend too much and face misunderstandings regarding your partner and hidden fees.

However, these zodiac signs can breathe a sigh of relief because the Mercury retrograde will not be having much of an influence on them.


You have been having a whale of a time, however, you will need to reduce your pace during this retrograde. The transit is influencing finances. As such, be careful of how much you spend but also be ready for new income streams.

Jupiter, the ruler of luck and abundance, will enter Aries on May 11th. This transit is going to fill up with creative energy. However, be careful to not let that energy take over you.

Instead, be aware of the fresh sensations that will surface, and keep a track of the places where these new blessings are entering. Finally, do not begin to act on the plans that you are making now before the retrograde ends.


This is going to be a time for introspection for you. You might feel like you are spending a great amount of time stuck inside your head. However, it’s a great chance to reflect. But keep in mind that there might be things hiding beneath the surface.

On the other hand, you might face some troubles when it comes to your friends’ circle. So you should best be as cautious as possible when it comes to your pals, be it online or offline. Keep your focus on inner work. It will better equip you for handling any conflicts with friends.


Get ready to go deep. The Mercury retrograde will be encouraging you to think about taboo ideas. As a result, you may find an immense amount of faith and meaning. At the end, when the retrograde ends, you will be better-rounded with more personality layers that can be delightful and shocking for those around you.

At the same time, this period will also be heavy on reflection and release. So, the best thing would be to set aside a couple of weekends for shadow work. The period can prove to be extremely regenerative for those of you who can reorient their compass of morality and reinforce their beliefs regarding the world and themselves.


Your practical disposition is going to help you endure the shake-up in your day-to-day routine that the retrograde will bring. The discipline will be very helpful in warding off all the small hiccups.

Moreover, the Mercury retrograde will be inspiring you to try out different art styles. Do not shy away from them. These creative adventures are very likely to turn into big opportunities when the planet turns direct.

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