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Aquarius New Moon Rising January 22nd, 2023 – This Is What You Need To Know

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by Conscious Reminder

Aquarius needs a quiet place to reflect. It is an indication of the mind.  Additionally, a demanding and emotional New Moon occurs in this sign on January 22, 2023. Make weird noises.

The Moon isn’t all that pleased with the Waterbearer for reasons that should be obvious. It wants us to hold hands, kiss, talk, share secrets and blankets, watch romantic movies, sob on shoulders, and make hearty stews while holding hands and cuddling.

The Waterbearer’s governing planet, stern Saturn, the emotionally reclusive Dad of the zodiac who promptly retreats to its lair after dinner to investigate the financials of Pacific Rim telecommunications businesses, is partly to blame for this mismatch. 

Aquarius New Moon January 2023 Is All About Healing

The Moon is weak in signs like Aquarius, which is ruled by Saturn. It is unable to properly express its emotions. It reaches out for a hug but instead receives a single, ice-cold french fry. For a new Moon in Aquarius on January 21, 2023, the Sun and Moon will be close to one another.

The opportunity for new beginnings, imagination, and visioning exists during new moons. They embrace the space of nothingness where all possibility resides. This celestial event asks us to sow a seed of optimism that is grounded in reality and sincerity while it is in Aquarius. The old and the new are simultaneously separating and expanding as they pass close to Pluto in our sky.

Under this New Moon, Chariklo, the asteroid of spirit medicine, is active. The innate healing abilities of our body are supported by the very feminine energy that Chariklo brings.

Chariklo emits a tremendous beam of energy that serves as a reminder that our bodies are competent, potent machines with the ability to heal.

Our symptoms may not always have to go away completely for healing to occur. All types of healing are possible. It might be self-acceptance, education, or just feeling comfortable in your skin, no matter what is happening.

Remember To Be Kind To Yourself 

Put aside any preconceived notions you may have about what healing should entail, and have faith that your body will guide you. Believe that each step along your recovery journey, no matter how different it may seem, feel, or turn out, is valid.

Investigating complementary medicines and herbal remedies may be especially useful for you during this New Moon if you are on your healing path. They could help you discover fresh paths and chances on your road to recovery.

The water bearer, a symbol for healing and transmutation, rules the zodiac sign of Aquarius. The water carrier has room for the entire planet in addition to simply the self. The earth heals when we do. We recover when the entire world does.

Of all, despite our best efforts, we cannot repair the entire globe by ourselves. Only we have control over who we are and what we decide to do in each instance. Although life doesn’t always go as we’d like it to, we have power over how we choose to act and see the world. The water bearer also demonstrates to us the healing power of breathing. 

This New Moon would be an excellent time to begin breathwork if you have ever wanted to give it a try. Additionally, sound healing would benefit from this New Moon. A great method to deal with the energies of this New Moon would be to combine the two of these modalities.

Instead, we might go back to the simpler times and decide to nurture, concentrate on, and appreciate what is genuinely significant to our spirits. Let’s concentrate our focus there to see what good it does since, at the end of each day, it truly is the small things.

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