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Don’t Waste Your Energy On People Who Keep Rejecting You

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Focus your attention and give it to people who deserve it.

Clear the space filled with negative emotions from the past so that new opportunities can show up and stop thinking whether things could have turned out different if you tried something else. It’s not worth it to waste energy when it’s not up to you. It’s up to people who don’t deserve you because they are too focused on themselves.

Don’t waste your energy for nothing. You tried something with somebody, but it failed, and it wasn’t your fault, but someone else’s, so, you should stop feeling guilty and responsible it didn’t work out. You will only spend so much positive energy that will only keep your hopes high that your feeling will be returned. It is not easy to erase everything you kept buried deep in your heat, but it’s even worse to hope for some people to change.

Not even the strongest people can forget about their past t, and the life they tried to build with another person, but they direct their energy towards other people by investing in and building new relationships, starting new projects, traveling a lot more and taking up new hobbies. The same as with a video tape; when we record a new story, we delete the old one, and this is one effective way to let go of our painful past and find inner peace.

Therefore, accept new people, face new life challenges, change your daily routine, sit back and watch life take it’s natural course. I promise, it’s going to be wonderful. You will not spend sleepless nights thinking of the people you want to forget, and the memories you want to erase; you will not think of how much and in what way they hurt you and how many wounds and scars they left behind.

By gradually building your new life, you will finally let go and get rid of your past’s burdens.

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