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Survival Of The Soul: Do You Believe There Is Life After Death?

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by Conscious Reminder

This article looks deep into the idea of existence of spirit after our death.

Since ancient times, humans have without any question agreed to the existence of spirit even after the demise of the body. But with the scientific revolution in 18th and 19th century, people now started to look for pros and empirical evidences before agreeing to previously held beliefs.

The growing materialistic attitude is slowly replacing the spiritual values once held by our ancestors. This material outlook comes with growing individualistic tendencies which resulted in newer emphasis on the concept of the survival of soul. Now the idea was of not just survival of spirit but also of the survival of the individual personality.

It can be made crystal clear with the study of ancient traditions that the individual personality of the spirit becomes less and less important as it continues to change and evolve. The final stage of this gradual loss of individual personality is what many cultures know by different names like Fana of the Sufis, nirvana of the Buddhists and non-attachment of the yoga (Hindus).

These spiritual schools tell us that the soul passes through a number of stages after the death of the ‘body’. The first stage is of Dream World. It is where all our experiences are self-induced and private. We experience all the things that we create for ourselves. We create our own judgment, we go to our self created hell or heaven. The reason behind this self-induced reality is that existence in the dream realm is completely subjective.

Unlike our understanding of the spiritual realm, the way we perceive the physical world around is based on the interplay of matter and energy. We see things happening based on the physical laws of nature.

But what is the evidence of the survival of soul in this modern approach? Most of the scientists do not agree on the idea of soul communication. The encounters with the spirits and the dead are considered a result of the inflated memory or retrospective reporting. These are not considered as sufficient evidences as they are based entirely on subjective experiences.

Many scientists like William James (father of American Psychology) and CD Broad believed that complete denial of the supernatural experiences is wrong. They were not ready to dive head first into the world of paranormal activity but they had an open mind for everything.

James believed that there are many subtexts in the religious experiences which can be explained by empirical evidences. James argued that how we perceive the world depends on our belief system and thus to change the world view we must change our belief system.

The subjective value that the evidences of the spirit interaction have can be given an objective value also based on the fact that many intelligent people themselves have been convinced by these evidences. Ultimately, it all boils down to the personal understanding and acceptance of the idea of unconscious knowledge of immortality.

Do you believe in life after death? Share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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