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The Year Of The Water Rabbit – Chinese Horoscope For 2023

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by Conscious Reminder

The Chinese New Year for 2023, starting from January 22nd will be referred to as the Year of the Water Rabbit.

This year, for those who are unaware, will call for us to reflect, observe, introspect, and work on our journeys. The most important source of energy in the Chinese Calendar during this period will be the water element in its Ying form. 

On the other hand, the Rabbit is going to be bringing out an energy that balances, along with a regenerative aura. This aura will also help us overcome the challenges that were brought about by the year of the Tiger.

To put it simply, this will be the best time for anyone to find the answers that they so seek. One would also be able to dig deep into the problems that have been plaguing humanity since time immemorial. 

Along this strain of thought, one also needs to understand that the rebalance has to be one of a broad spectrum. The sphere of rebalance will encompass both the collective and the individual, which leaves no part of the holistic universe out of the equation. This year will also serve as an innately dharmic period for us to finalize our karmic cycles. 

We should also use the energy of this period to heal the ancestral wounds whilst dissolving the psychic and emotional barriers that keep us isolated from the whole world- and under certain situations- from ourselves as well. We can implement this energy to develop another shelf of compassion and understanding whilst developing a tolerant attitude towards things that might not be to our liking.

Humanity, as a whole, is about to enter a very exciting period of detoxification of all the discord, hate, and destruction that has characterized us over the last few years.

The outer and the inner processes are extremely essential- now more than ever. It will help us define who we are as a species on this planet, which implies that this existential reboot is something that we are very close to and in need of. 

The Year Of The Rabbit And Its Influence Over Every Other Sign

The Rat

The current year will be quite exciting for rats. One would find themselves filled to the brim with new responsibilities in their professional life. But, one’s familial space might cause a few problems. Nevertheless, finances will still be stable, and one should use the rest of the income to invest in something profitable. 

The Ox

A single Ox will find this the best point in time to get hitched. On the flip side, people who are married will also try to be a little flexible in their relationship as a compromise to their partners. One’s professional life will continue as splendidly as it did, with several lucrative job offers coming in tow. Unfortunately, finances could get strenuous, and one would require a good financial brain to get out of it. 

The Tiger

One should stick to their job for the time being, as any change in the professional space will not be profitable. But there will be enough passion and romance in the marriage for one to not feel suffocated. Finances will be great, but one should also start taking care of themselves- for there might be bodily problems coming up. 

The Rabbit

Since it is their year, one would definitely go on a wild adventure in 2023. First, it would be prudent to make sure your relationship is harmonious- and you should not be doing anything to jeopardize it. Your career will also send in some excellent opportunities for growth in a professional setting. Take those chances with both hands, and don’t look back. 

The Dragon

You will be quite lucky in this period. Couples will enjoy commitment and passion in their relationships. Professionals will be able to make solid headway into their careers. Your finances will be fine and take you out of any slump that you find yourself in. Interestingly, you could look towards renovating your residence as well. 

The Serpent

As a Serpent, one needs to be ready for any big change that might be coming through this year. Interestingly, single people will have an amazing time finding love. One will also see growth in their professional space- although finances might take a hit. Nevertheless, keep your family close to deal with the rough months that will inevitably come this year. 


The year of the Rabbit will be favorable to horses, and all the differences created in a relationship will be dealt with amicably. Interestingly, single horses will also be given several opportunities to find true love. One should ideally find their professional life quite successful and lucrative, but one should also take the help of professionals to deal with their finances. 

The Goat

This year will have a host of opportunities for couples to enjoy their life together. Single people could also get married during this period- it won’t be harmful to them. One’s career will also offer up quite a few openings for financial benefits, as well as professional growth. 

The Monkey

This year should be pretty uneventful and peaceful for you. Your married life will prove to be quite harmonious, while those who are single will also make major headways into love. Professionals will enjoy a comparatively calm period of work, with loads of monetary benefits. 

The Rooster

Your year will be entirely focused on business activities and your career. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be worried because you will excel at it. Your financial gains would be abundant, and all the excess money will be made available for investments and savings. This year should also be quite promising for you in the field of family expansions. 

The Dog

Your year will be quite comfortable. Married people will enjoy a nice, fulfilling relationship. Single people will have a few opportunities to find partners who are also loving. 

The Pig

You will also have an excellent, comfortable year ahead of you. If you are married, why don’t you travel somewhere? It will definitely improve the relationship. For single people, there is just one bit of advice- be with someone only after you know them completely. Don’t leap before you look. 

So, how does the Chinese New Year look for you? Tell us in the comments below!

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