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How Modern Face Reading Can Help You Find A Suitable Date

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by Conscious Reminder

Today there are several thousand dating sites. As such, it would not be wrong to expect finding love, or at the very least, a good partner for one date to be easier.

Unfortunately, as much as the internet has brought us closer, it has also seemingly made meaningful connections harder to come by. The internet caters to speed and accessibility for the busy generation.

As such, everything is about efficiency and striking the right chord. So how can you tell apart which of the words in the bio are the truth and which are just words that people want to hear? What if the person you are looking for is not good with words at all? Can facial intelligence help in such a case?

Some techniques in facial intelligence can definitely help. Today’s intelligence has roots in ancient techniques of face-reading originating in China. Several thousand years ago, wrinkles, features, and other facial patterns were closely observed and recorded to understand a range of traits of a person, including how life experiences impact them and their relationship suitability.

The system was remarkably accurate. As such, even if today we cannot use facial intelligence to “match” with someone else, we can definitely get an idea of how a person’s true personality is from their face.

Most of the time in online dating, people glance at faces and stop and take a deeper look at the ones they find physically attractive.

These faces have clues, among which even one if properly read, can give a much more clear idea about the person without ever having to talk to them. In fact, those who know how to use facial intelligence usually look at online dating sites differently from everyone else.

Find The Next Date Using Facial Intelligence

The following are some examples. If the one you are searching for is a gentle, kind, nurturing man who warmly communicates, then you may look for men whose faces are rounder and have full cheeks and lips. Roundness and full mouths signify that the person has a nurturing personality.

Previously, you may have found chiseled features with strong jaws to be a physically attractive man. Such a man would usually not be very nurturing as it is not an innate trait for him. Perhaps, this is why you are still searching for the right man.

Another example is if you are searching for an adventurous and athletic woman, then you are better off not choosing women who have fleshy and round faces. You should be looking out for women with strong chins and chiseled jaws. Such a woman would most likely gladly accompany you on mountain-climbing expeditions instead of looking after the house for you.

If you are searching for a sharing and communicating person who will gladly spend hours having deep conversations, then look out for people with bright, open, and shallow set eyes. People who have more narrowly open eyes are not as likely to be good at conversations. They will generally require more time before sharing their deeper feelings or holding long conversations.

Be Clear About Your Criteria While Dating

The most challenging part about finding ideal dates is being aware of what exactly you want to find. Be as clear as possible on the qualities you are looking for from a partner.

Then, use methods such as facial intelligence to locate or filter out the people you think are suitable. Of course, you also have to have a clear idea about your own traits and identity and what you are willing to do for a relationship.

Our faces are gifts that we receive from each other. It is the gift of displaying our identities and our personalities while dealing with another person. A facial picture can truly be worth more than several thousand words in online dating. 

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