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Here’s Why Empaths Are Actually ‘Allergic’ To Fake People

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Empaths are really sensitive and honest people. So, it goes without saying that they are completely different from those who are not genuine.

They cannot relate with pretentious folks and thus clash with them often. There’s a lot of conflict between these two categories.

Empaths, due to their high sensitivity, can see through people’s lies and masks pretty easily. Therefore, when they see that a person is being fake, it annoys them and completely changes their perception about them.

They are highly perceptive and so can understand when someone is being pretentious in order to get liked by others. Empaths do not understand the need to be dishonest in order to make others like them.

They are very honest and unapologetic themselves and so have no patience for those who don’t show their true nature. The negative elements of their character disturbs an empath.

Empaths always appreciate when a person projects their true self, despite their flaws and insecurities, so that they can effectively reach out to them and support them in whatever way they can.

When others put on a mask, it not only prevents the empath from understanding them but also they feel offended for being deceived.

Once they realise the negativity coming from the other person, empaths completely choose to detach themselves from these people to protect themselves.

Empaths can intensely feel other people’s emotions and so it’s bad for them if they feel the negativity too strongly. They need to have a healthy and optimistic mind to help others.

When they feel the need to heal, they go out of their way to do so. This might be misused and so they must stay away from false people as it might have dangerous consequences on their health. Their mental and physical well being should be their priority.

It’s not a good feeling to be isolated and lonely. There are many people around the world who undergo a lot of pain and trauma on a daily basis and need to pretend to be okay in order to lead a functional life.

Empaths should carefully decide whom to help and whom to ignore.

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