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The Astrological Forecast For The Leo Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

The Leo Full Moon in 2023 is all about creating a balance between expressing ourselves despite being a part of a community.

The main question we would be faced with is- how do we ascertain our individuality and still keep our place in our community? 

The light from this Full Moon will be making us actively aware of the entire equilibrium that is in place- and how that makes us feel about everything around us. Every Full Moon has drama and emotions running at full tilt.

And interestingly, these tend to be over-the-top when Leo gets involved in the mix. For those who are wondering, Leo is both fiery and warm. Therefore, it allows one to experience growth and channel that in their expressions. 

There is a major possibility that even if you are unassuming and mild-mannered, the emboldening properties of this Full Moon will draw you into the fold. It will also remind you that it is simply natural to be able to express yourself within a crowd. While there would be people who would talk about self-acceptance, sometimes we also want feedback from the people around us. 

This Full Moon in Leo will not only give us the opportunity to look for attention, but it will also make us ask for it. We want to be noticed, to be acknowledged, and this period will offer us the opportunity to do so.

This belief would be reinforced with Mars being in a position of a sextile with the Moon. Since Mars is quite mutable, this property in action in Gemini will also induce a little flexibility into that Leonini fixity. 

The Leo Full Moon Will Be About Communication and Love

The Full Moon in Leo will also ask us to take stock of several realizations that might look out of the blue, but they were simply rumbling in the background all this while.

This will be the fifth of seven consecutive Full Moons that are 16 degrees- with the process initiated by Uranus, which is also known for being mutable, and its disruption in every full moon till April. 

Needless to say, we will be at our breaking point, so it would get even more impossible not to trip down that lane. When this gets triggered, things will turn a complete 180.

You will not be making excuses for everyone else’s actions, nor will you be tolerating the inattentiveness of others. You might be hurt during your rampage, but that is not a given. 

Everyone feels differently when the Full Moon fades. Some might even feel themselves to be better, freer, and lighter than ever before. As you are well aware, the last couple of years has seen your friends and allies go down diverging routes.

This period will be your time to pick which way you want to go. At the end of the day, it all comes down to love. And that love will be expressed by us in different forms. 

Some of us might bid adieu to old romances but in a very prosaic way. You could also be the artist and writer of your own tale.  

At the center of this Leo Full Moon is Venus, which is not only the ruler of our values but also the goddess of memory and love. She is in her happy place in Pisces and has constantly been pushing Mars to make a square.

Her main shtick is communication- so if you can communicate and express yourself well during this period, this Full Moon should go swimmingly for you. 

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