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New Moon In Virgo And Venus In Virgo – What It Means For Your Zodiac Sign

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On September 19th-20th we have a New Moon in Virgo just as Venus also moves into Virgo.

This is a squeaky clean fresh start for all zodiac signs, promising much happiness and pleasure! With Mars and Mercury now direct also in the sign of the Virgin the next few weeks are giving you a cosmic great push to get things done, get them sorted and move forward dynamically!

This Virgo new moon has healing powers. It’s opposite the astrological planet Chiron and this can help you repair and make yourself whole again, integrate broken pieces of your life and release resistance. Saturn is here to ensure you take this seriously while Jupiter opposite Uranus shake you out of any complacency. Venus into Virgo allows you to derive pleasure out of this process of cleansing and healing in the coming weeks.

Actions speak louder than words with Venus in Virgo September 19-October 14. Show your love in practical ways! Walk your talk! Single? You’re certainly more choosy now. Let love find you at work, in your local organic farm or health food store, at the gym, in the lab, at the clinic or even online – Virgo rules the microchip after all! This is also the perfect time to take better care of your health. Look to natural remedies. Try quinoa… Or juicing… Seriously, you’ll enjoy it!

Venus in Virgo & New Moon Horoscope for your Zodiac Sign

Where does Virgo preside in your horoscope? The Virgo new moon alongside Venus’ (and Mars’!) presence in that very same sign give that bit of your life an ultrasonic power boost! Check your zodiac sign for the details!


A big spotlight shines on your health, dear Aries! Are you taking good care of yourself these days? Is there anything you could be doing better? The same goes for your daily work and daily routine and anything you can do to get yourself more efficient and on top form. Venus in that very same astrological space makes sure going down this route will give you real pleasure! Who knows? Maybe you’ll even meet someone you’ll like!


A sweet, beautiful few weeks lie ahead, dear Taurus! Virgo might not be the most romantic sign for most people but not you. It’s where you derive the most fun and pleasure and where you find and express love! It’s a brand new start in matters of the heart for you – whether it’s with a lover, child or hobby, or whatever you’ve got your heart set upon. Venus in Virgo draws others to you like moths to a flame!


Time to set your life on a brand new foundation, dear Gemini! Maybe you’re moving house or renovating? Or maybe you get a chance at a fresh start with a parent? This is a fabulous opportunity to revisit the past, review where you’re coming from and wipe the slate clean. Venus in Virgo ensures you derive pleasure out of it and directs all your charm and aesthetic flair into creating a more beautiful base of operations.


Get ready for your world to spring into life, dear Cancer! Things have been heating up for a while on the communications front with lots of emails, phone calls, ideas exchange and networking. The time has come to sign a contract or push forward with your ideas! If you’re involved in sales, writing or the media, then this new moon is a major boost for business. Venus brings pleasant news and gives your words persuasive power! A short trip could be the start of something beautiful.


You’ve got the bit between the teeth, dear Leo and won’t let go! Good on you! This new moon spells out a major fresh start for business and money making enterprises! You’re serious about raising your earning capacity, investing in yourself and building greater self-reliance. And the cosmos is bent on rewarding your efforts! Expenses could also rise as your eye falls on beautiful things. Go on. You’re worth it!


See this as a cosmic gift especially for you, dear Virgo. You’ve hit the jackpot of brand new starts! With no less than five planets in your sign, you’re ready to take on the world – and win! Put yourself first for a change and go after what you want with great energy and vigor! Mars and Venus in your sign make you irresistible and “No” is not a word you will often hear the coming weeks. Make the most of it! A new look could be just the ticket to go with this brand new you.


What are you up to dear Libra? You’re certainly keeping it under wraps and being a very busy bee back there, in the shadows, where nobody can see. While there’s lots going on with you it’s all private and personal and nothing you care to share. And even if it’s not and what you’re doing is affecting others in a major way you’d rather remain anonymous, for now at least. Time to clear the decks. Love also blossoms in secret.


You’ve never been more determined to pursue your ambitions, dear Scorpio, and the universe is on your side! Share the dream! Connect with like-minded people and make a go of it together! The Virgo new moon gives an important friendship a boost and helps you build a good and solid network, rewarding you for all your hard work. On the love front, a friendship could blossom into something more.


You’ve been through the grinder, dear Sagittarius, and you truly deserve this wonderful career moment! All the lights are turning green and there’s no stopping you. Success, prestige and professional advancement are all yours for the taking! It’s time to take the next step on the ladder, pursue ambitious goals and assume greater authority, something you’re bound to carry off with charm and grace. Love has a public face and you’re attracted to power and status.


Time to think big, dear Capricorn! Have you been living in a box? The cosmos is pushing you way out of your comfort zone to break new ground, travel, learn and spread your wings! This is a major new beginning if you work in film, PR, marketing, publishing, education, law or across a few time zones. Your popularity is high, which helps you win others over to your cause. Love is to be found in exotic places!


Time to clean up your finances, dear Aquarius! If you’re applying for a loan, grant or tax break, dot your i’s and cross your t’s to make sure your application is successful. If there are payments to be made, get organized! You could consolidate debt, automate the process or make your family finances more efficient. It’s not all about paying money out, you’ll be glad to know, and you could receive a gift, bonus or other token of love and appreciation!


Relationships take center stage, dear Pisces! Give it your all and put your relationship on a fresh and healthier footing! Single? Others have the upper hand, bringing you out of your shell and urging you to meet them half way. Are you chasing after someone like a man or woman obsessed? Working hard to please an audience? Someone’s pushing all your buttons! This is also a fabulous time to begin a professional partnership that’s a source of energy and pleasure!

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