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When You Risk Your Mission In Life, You Risk The Manifestation Of Destiny’s Vision Written Upon Your Heart & Mind

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Sara Wasser,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

You have access to significant power, transformative power. One of the most powerful tools you’ve been entrusted with is also one of your most under-used.

What is it?

It’s your image-maker. Your imagination.

It’s meant to bring into existence the things that already exist on the inside of you.

Get a picture of what you want to see in your life. See it. Study it. Speak it. Believe it.

And, it will come to pass.

Once you can see yourself doing it, you will see yourself living it.

Your imagination is your image-maker, intended to build the life you’re destined to live.

Why do we limit Destiny by trying to measure the set of circumstances that have to be in place in order for something to materialize when we’ve been given an imagination, an image-maker?

Get an image of who you are and the power you possess and no one and no set of circumstances will be able to stop you.

Destiny already sees what you’re building with your imagination as finished and complete.

If you can see yourself with it, if you can see yourself doing it then all the resources you need for it to be made manifest will come available.

What might happen if you begin to use your image-maker to manifest the vision Destiny placed inside you?

What’s your image? What is it that you see inside that you long to see externally too?

If you can see it, then nothing can restrain you.

For every one of our faculties, there is a designed intent, a divine usefulness. The divine purpose behind our image-maker is to manifest the unique vision that Destiny placed within.

Some of us feel unjustified in our pursuit of the good life we long to live. We’re compelled to settle for some lesser, seemingly more reasonable compromise. But, to compromise is to to mishandle our Divine endowment and negate it’s greater purpose.

You see, your vision isn’t about you. Yes, there’s immense reward and satisfaction in manifesting your vision, but that’s only because your destiny is tied to the manifestation of what you hold inside. The satisfaction and reward is simply meant to compel you towards the fulfillment of your purpose, which includes the release of Destiny’s gift to the world.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to cultivate your divine endowment to the point that you can see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, and feel it even before it comes to pass so that it does come to pass. You have an image-maker so that you can take your divinely entrusted vision and bring it to pass here on earth at this moment in history. That’s your mission.

What can you do to grow your vision inside?

Place post-it notes all over your house to build and strengthen the reality of what you see inside.

Place a note on your steering wheel that reads, “this car is paid in full.

Place a note on your checkbook that reads, “this account is overflowing with provision”.

Place notes all about your home that remind you of the reality of your vision, “I will be used to touch countless lives”.

If you can see it, you can be it.

Write “debt free” or “business owner” or “advocate” or “mother” or “father” or “executive” or “licensed” or “world traveler” or whatever it is that you’re believing for on your bathroom mirrors to remind you morning and night of where you’re headed.

There’s nothing that can stop you if you can see it in your heart and believe that it’s yours.

Focus on what Destiny has said you’ve already got

Destiny is for you.

The Way-Maker is for you.

The Image-Maker is for you.

The promise of Destiny inside of you shall come to pass.

What you spend your time focusing on the most is what you will see in your life. This is true for both positive and negative circumstances.

Have you ever been so riddled with fear over an event that your thoughts became absolutely consumed with visions of that negative circumstance? For instance, have you ever been told that your house was going to be repossessed? Has your checkbook every suggested to you that you won’t have what you need to pay the upcoming bills? Has your boss’s poor opinion of you ever given rise to the voice in your head that says, “I’m going to lose your job”?

In these events, did you focus on the negative news? Did the events come to pass? I bet they did.

The intended purpose of your imagination is to focus on and bring into view the image that Destiny placed inside you. Focus on the promise of Destiny, not the lies of fear.

Meditate on your vision until it becomes reality to you. Bring yourself into agreement with the promise of Destiny.

Meditate and you will bring forth the fruit of the vine of Destiny planted inside you.

What will you do today to cultivate and grow the vision inside of you?

About the Author: Sara Wasser is passionate about life, love, and legacy. She created Well-HeeledMommy.com and SaraWasser.com to inspire and equip people to return to Destiny’s design, to a life of passion and purpose, to the good and pleasing life for which they were intended.

Your destiny and quality of life are extraordinarily significant to humanity and to history. Similar to your fingerprints, your intended impact is unlike any other. Sara understands the implications of awakening you to your destiny. She understands that when you encounter the freedom to live profitably, while also living authentically, the entire world benefits. She wants to see you liberated to release your unique gift into the hungry, unsuspecting world.

Sara was born to two immigrants, neither of whom became citizens. Her father never learned to speak english. Poverty persistently threatened to destroy their meager existence. The pressures of life made for a destructive and tumultuous home.

From an early age, Sara committed herself to changing her legacy, to breaking the cycle of dysfunction, hopelessness, and poverty. Today, she aims to empower you to do the same.

Sara holds a B.A. in Psychology with an emphasis in Religion and a Masters of Biblical & Theological Studies with an emphasis in Philosophy.

Watch for more from Sara on her Facebook page.

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