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Was That An Earthbound Spirit That Touched Me?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Call me superstitious or a fool, but ghosts do enter our bodies and now we even have science supporting this fact.

There are many who probably do not even believe in ghosts and so for them to enter our bodies might sound hilarious. However firstly you must accept that ghosts do exist. 

Despite ghosts existing in this world with us, it is still confusing as to why they enter living beings. Some people think it is because they are our rivals and want to harm us or take revenge for some mishap but that is not true.

A ghost does not have a physical body, but it has a mind and that is why it yearns for a body to execute its wishes and desires that it cannot fulfill on its own. 

A ghost that has not found a suitable host is called a ghost soul. There are two kinds of them and they face problems in finding a host. Normal people do not have too much trouble in finding a body after death and the shift happens almost immediately.

However, for people who are too good or too evil, it becomes a problem. In order for them to be born again, they need parents who resemble their personality. 

The pure wandering souls are known as gods and devas whereas the evil ones are known as preta, aka ghosts.

When a ghost finds a human, who has a fragile soul, a ghost enters them to satisfy its needs. It doesn’t cause them any harm in the process.

Therefore, humans who are not strong willed and bold might often be a suitable host for ghosts to enter and fulfill their wishes. All the ghost wants is to feel another human’s warmth, to taste good food, to experience the beautiful world and to enjoy some soothing songs, and it can do all these things through you. Yes, you might feel used because of this but that is not the ghost’s intention. The process won’t be easy as your soul might collide with the ghost.

It is like an uninvited guest staying in your place for a long time with no desire to leave. What happens later is that the guest starts treating the house as its own, gaining control over it, whereas the host is pushed to a side. After a while the line between the owner and the guest gets blurry. This creates a mind-body conflict. This is because although the soul is linked to the mind, the mind is linked to the body and thus complicates the entire situation.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

…I was lying in bed about half asleep when I could feel someone was tickling me on my right side and I also felt like my left nipple was being squeezed… since I was half asleep I thought i was just having a stupid dream so i shaked myself off and continued to rest and then i felt an arm move from under me, as if someone had been holding me the whole time. after it moved i felt the figure go behind me and actually started humping me slowly when i screamed to my mum and everything stopped instantly. this is the first time iv ever felt something like this before, i know its not sleep paralysis because i was able to move, but it really was a definite feeling. has this happened to anybody before? please no answers about seeking god and salvation please. just want to know what the chances are of ghosts touching me in my sleep…

I hope this article helps you understand more about ghosts and stay stronger so that you don’t let them enter you.


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