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This Is What The September 2020 Horoscope Has In Store For Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

September has always been the month to buckle up and get busy. This is the time that officially marks the end of summer.

But according to this year’s September horoscope, you’ll find yourself busier than usual. It’s going to be a jam-packed month with a lot of cosmic movements influencing your life. Three planets will be on the move.

Mars is going Retrograde on 9th September, Jupiter and Saturn will go direct on the 12th, and 29th respectively. These movements are bound to affect your month in more ways than you know.

Aries (21st March – 19th April)

The busy September season will push Aries peeps to find new avenues in the work sphere. But Saturn’s energy may make you feel blocked and unsure. Don’t worry- this will only last till the new moon on 17th September. Mostly, you’ll get to spend this month just the way you want.

Taurus (20th April – 20th May)

You’re the stable shoulder for the other zodiacs to rely on. So, expect a lot of moving around to help others through emotional trouble, shifting, or even car rides. By the 17th, you’ll develop a new dilemma in the work front. But remember to relax for a while and go with the flow.

Gemini (21st May – 20th June)

The September horoscope brings contemplation for this zodiac sign. You’ll contemplate your ideal job and what it could lead to. In the latter half of the month, you’ll put more effort into your friendships. A lot of luck with money is also in store for you this month.

Cancer (21st June – 22nd July)

This month might be a little difficult for Cancerians as all they want to do now is travel. But you can find peace in planning a future vacation. In the work-front, you’ll feel more assertive than usual. The last part of the month is mostly family-time for Cancerians.

Leo (23rd July – 22nd Aug.)

September horoscope places Leos at the juncture of realizations. Your opinion matters, but you’ll also learn to appreciate different perspectives. By the 12th, you’ll be driven to physical exercise. You might have to do major budgeting by the end of the month.

Virgo (23rd Aug. – 22nd Sept.)

Cheer up Virgos! Your birth month is here. Mercury is in your sign and will help you get a lot of pending work done this month. It’s time for lists and sticky notes again. By mid-September, you’ll start budgeting and planning for at least the next 12 months.

Libra (23rd Sept. – 22nd Oct.)

September Full Moon will help you plan a healthier life for yourself. Incorporate time to relax or meditate to stop stressing over little things in life and focus on yourself.

Scorpio (23rd Oct. – 21st Nov.)

September horoscope finally has some well-deserved recognition for Scorpions on the work front. By mid-September, expect to focus on your long-ignored friend circle.

Sagittarius (22nd Nov. – 21st Dec.)

It’s all calm and cozy for Sagittarians this month. So, kick back and relax all you want. By the12th, you might head towards financial risk, so beware. It’s the perfect month to be with friends and family.

Capricorn (22nd Dec. – 19th Jan.)

You have this month to muse over the future. You’ll be in quite a haze at the beginning but will figure things out by the end of this month. September allows you time to chart your ideas and share them with others.

Aquarius (20th Jan. – 18th Feb.)

All you can think of this month is money. That’s not a bad thing. But you can start acting on it rather than day-dreaming about what you’d do if you had money.

Pisces (19th Feb. – 20th March)

What you’ll find this month is inspiration. This will boost your confidence, and you’ll finally be able to do what you wanted to do for a long time. During the end of September, you’ll also spend a lot of time dreaming about how you want your life to be.

That’s all about each zodiac in the September horoscope. Keep your feet on the ground and let Libra season help you find inner balance.

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