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Meditation Can Literally Change Your Life: Start Now, Thank Yourself Later

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by Conscious Reminder

The word meditation is definitely the most searched, most clickable, or even the most popular word online.

As a result of more people discovering its undisputed and incredible benefits, the word meditation gained its popularity.

Generally said, meditation is the habitual process during which we learn to train our mind, in order to better focus on some phenomena, and even channel our thoughts in some specific direction.

Many people consider meditation as an effective and excellent technique of stimulating their capacity to concentrate and reducing stress.

Moreover, meditation increases our awareness of ourselves and also of the environment which is around us.

It is a helpful way in which we can promote our positive mood, or our outlook of this world, together with our self-discipline. Meditating regularly will provide us with an important improvement in our sleep hygiene or increased pain tolerance.

Here are the eight reasons why we have to meditate regularly:

Meditation will alleviate stress.

Many people who practiced meditation claimed that they were trying to decrease their high-stress levels in their daily lives. Practicing meditation regularly will reduce the cortisol levels in our body, and in that way, it will alleviate symptoms related to stress, like post-traumatic stress disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, and fibromyalgia. When the cortisol levels are decreased, we will sleep better, and our blood pressure will be normal.

Meditation used as a tool for anxiety management.

One research from recently highlights the benefits which the patients suffering from an anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors experiences after practicing meditation for eight weeks. Now, all of them reported normal levels of anxiety and panic attacks were completely absent too. Meditation is also good for people that work stressful jobs.

Meditation will improve our emotional health.

One group of psychiatrist, researchers, and psychologists followed about 18 volunteers who suffered from depression, during a meditation program of three years. Then, the scientists discovered that those who participated in the courses experienced permanent improvements in their emotional condition. They also became more optimistic and adopted positive outlooks of the future. The most important thing is that the depression fits were less frequent.

Meditation promotes self-understanding and self-awareness.

There are types of meditation which can help us be more self-understanding. For example, the so-called self-inquiry meditation may help us better relate to the people around us. Practicing meditation for only five minutes daily is going to help us learn how to recognize counterproductive or harmful thoughts. This happens as meditation gives us the ability to become self-aware of our thoughts and deal with some short-term feelings of rejection and loneliness better.

Meditation will broaden our attention span.

The so-called focused-attention meditation may be particularly beneficial to those of us that have a narrow attention span. Meditation may even be helpful and useful for people that have the need for a sharp eye for details or for people who have to process and remember a lot of information. The results will come after 4 sessions.

Meditation will keep our mind sharper longer.

Meditating just for several minutes during the day is going to keep memory loss problems related to age at bay. We will experience major improvements in our abilities to perform some memory tasks with just several sessions of meditation. Meditation even helps elderly people who are diagnosed with dementia to cope with everyday routines better.

Meditation will make us better people.

There are specific meditation methods which have the purpose of inducing thoughts of love and kindness in those who practice it. We will learn how to extend the kindness, and the warm feelings step by step, first to our family, and then to our close friends. We can even extend them to our acquaintances. This happens as meditation provides us with a strong and positive aura all around us, which attracts success, prosperity, and happiness.

Meditation will help us overcome our addiction.

As meditation will help us increase our awareness and self-control, we will be less receptive to addictions. This happens as those of us who are regular practitioners usually have stronger willpower or fully control their impulses and emotions. Overall, they better understand how addictions actually work.

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