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Jupiter Starts Backspinning April 10: This Is What It Means For Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

On the 10th of April, the planet Jupiter will go retrograde, and there are chances that we already feel the energies making their way around us.

While a lot of the things which will come will not be easy, embracing more with our arms open will help us get further.

The retrograde of the planet Jupiter will last four months. It will mean different things for each Zodiac sign.

What should each sign of the Zodiac expect from the start of the retrograde?


During the retrograde of Jupiter, people born under this sign will feel on edge. Although there seems to be no reason, as time passes, they are going to start understanding from where the tension comes. They should spend more time working on themselves and give themselves a break.


Although this is probably not something comfortable for the people born under Taurus, the events which will come with the retrograde will help them grow. They are going to feel a lot more themselves. Some ugly things of their past may appear, but they will have the ability to overcome everything.


The retrograde of Jupiter will offer the people born under this sign something they were missing out for some time. They will find their courage and work to put themselves out into the world. Cutting the ties with those that care for them and closing themselves off should stop now.


The people born under the sign of Cancer will have a really serious call for wake-up. They have spent a significant amount of time in permitting others to live their lives for them. They have to understand what they really want, and the retrograde will provide them with the best opportunity. 


This world is a terrifying place, especially for Leos at the moment. They face great struggle and pain, but they do their best in order to be really strong. With the retrograde moving forward, they will understand how small they are. Although they constantly want to be the center of attention, this is not possible during the retrograde.


The people born under this sign feel like time is a thing from which they cannot get enough. The retrograde of Jupiter will knock them off of their feet and working with the energies and not against them is going to be something good for them. The energies may bring abundance, but only if they take the needed risks.


The Jupiter retrograde will put the people born under Libra in the place which will permit them to be more in tune with their emotions. They will spill their guts to the one that is the most important person in their life. Although they usually hide their feelings, Jupiter will not permit that.


The people born under Scorpio were through many things lately, so in the following several months, they will have their time of relaxation. They will express themselves more and find something which makes them happy. The retrograde will have them work on loving themselves and being true to their heart.


During the retrograde, it will be the time for the people born under the sign of Sagittarius to get out of the shell. They usually find some ways of preventing this from happening, continually moving forward without building new and true connections. The retrograde will make them dive into their past and open up to a person that matters to them more than they believed.


The following four months will not be quite easy for Capricorns. These months will be intense and also packed with a lot of stress. The people born under Capricorn will make some serious and important decisions. Most of those decisions will leave them feeling as they made a mistake. 


The retrograde of Jupiter will have Aquarians look to their spiritual side. They will spend most of their time in meditating or trying actually to overcome certain struggles they were facing. The period will be freeing for them too, as they will have the ability to go through it without effort.


The retrograde of Jupiter will not be a good one for the people born under the sign of Pisces; however, it is going to be a significant one. In the following several months, they may explore more and try to overcome some setbacks which were placed in front of them. Maybe the dark moment from now will get them to the bright future they always desired.

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