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July 2022 Astrology Through Dates: Buckle Up For A Month Full Of Eventful Skies

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by Conscious Reminder

July will start right at the final stages of the extremely sensitive New Moon in Cancer taking place on June 28th.

As such, our feelings may be a bit raw. However, things will start shifting rapidly as the Portal of Sirius will inject us with some high-frequency energy.

Here are the most important astrological events that you should be ready for in July:

July 4th/5th: Sirius Portal

In ancient astrology, Sirius is known as the Spiritual Sun, because it was seen as a gate leading to heaven. From July 4th/5th, the Sun will align itself with Sirius. This means energies with high frequencies are coming our way, that will let us absorb all Sirius’ heavenly vibrations. This is a time when we can balance and harmonize our body and soul. Sirius’ energy can also recharge as well as provide us with new inspiration.

July 7th: Vesta Retrograde

In July, a total of 3 starseeds will enter retrograde. Vesta will be the first one. Goddess Vesta rules over Fire and Hearth. In astrology, a flame symbolizes her as it represents the flame of power, passion, and life force within everyone. She also stands for freedom in sexual expression and sexual liberation. As such, during this period, there might be issues involving sexuality while our focus may shift more toward our family and home.

July 13th: Full SuperMoon In Capricorn

3 supermoons are scheduled to take place consecutively, with this one being the second. This lunation in Capricorn will have a bit of tough love associated with it. It will ask us to be responsible for what we do. Furthermore, we might get called up and asked to take control of our needs and wants. This is also a good chance to get things moving again.

July 19th: Chiron Retrograde

Chiron, the healer who is wounded, will be back spinning in Aries. During this period, it will give us reflections on our journey of healing. As such, there may be a need to resolve hurts from the past. However, this energy can also be used for celebrating the work we do to balance and better ourselves.

July 22nd: Beginning Of Leo Season

As Leo Season starts, a bit of lightness can be in the air. This season will be closely associated with connecting to the creativity, passions, and fire within us. Leo energy also loves to have fun so play and joy can be high up the priority list.

July 25th: Juno Retrograde

The third and final asteroid to station retrograde will be Juno. Goddess Juno is linked with relationships and marriage. As such, during this period, unspoken relationship issues can surface. Even though Juno’s energy is usually subtle, the following day’s Venus conjunction can boost its influence.

July 26th: Venus Conjuncts Black Moon Lilith

This conjunction can force our attention to relationships as it digs up any unresolved or hidden issues. If there are issues that have been hidden away in the closet, this combination will give us the energy to face them. It will always turn out better when we put things out in the open as it helps us understand our exact position.

July 28th: Leo New Moon

This lunation brings restorative and sweet energy. The beautiful lunation will ask us to pay more attention to self-care and self-nourishment. If you are feeling overworked or too stretched out, this lunation can help you find a better balance.

July 28th: Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter will start its retrograde in Aries before gradually returning to Pisces. The planet will enter Pisces again after 12 years, so expect it to deliver every gift it wants before the big farewell.

July 31st: Uranus And The North Node Conjuncts

One of July’s biggest cosmic events will be something that can be felt building up through the entire month. This conjunction can bring up unsettling energy as it makes things unstable or uncertain. However, keep in mind that all this destabilizing energy will push us toward our best destiny.

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