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5 Signs Your Personality Is So Strong That Others Find It Intimidating

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by Conscious Reminder

Have people sometimes accused you of being intimidating? They may judge you for what you are as a person, without even knowing anything about you or your personal life.

Nowadays, a person’s personality is a result of the experiences that person has gone through in the past. As a result of that, the attitude of that person towards life becomes strong, as well as tough. Other people may not support the way you are, but you should not be worried about that. You are not supposed to be sorry for who you indeed are.

Recognized by tension, your life saw a lot of ups and downs in your career, as well as your relationships with people. All this made you an independent, or better said stronger individual. Hence, you are not anymore soft for other people.

Frequently, people misunderstand you as a rude, as well as mean person, as a result of your way of behaving and reacting around other people. What a lot of people are not able to see is your soft side which is behind what you wear – a tough person. Those people that are considered as intimidating are usually with kind nature and a big heart.

These are the five most common personality traits which can be seen on an intimidating person:

1. You consider small talk as annoying.

You consider small talks as annoying, and you do not participate in them frequently. Something which calls on your attention is profound and severe conversations that include the participation of the brain. Minor conversations which concern the weather or glamour world don’t catch your eye at all. In fact, you are annoyed if a person interrupts you with their small talk.

2. You don’t tolerate deliberate ignorance.

You are not just individual with a strong personality, but you are also wise, as well as learned simultaneously. You are a person with an open mind, and you don’t entertain someone that is judgmental. Unsupported judgment comes from ignorance. One of the ways of easing ignorance is educating yourself. However, when someone is too unwilling to do so for his sake, then you are probably going to walk away, or you will also lose your patience with them.

3. You can notice additional opportunities than other people.

As you are an individual with an open mind, you can notice a lot more opportunities in some situations than other people. Such point of view will not just help you to survive, but it is also going to push you through some harsh conditions in life. At the same instant, you can even come into contact with hostility and jealousy from other people, as you can achieve success neediness.

4. You focus more on solutions and not on problems.

People with strong will are often focused and they well-know how they can get their things done. Also, they cannot tolerate excuses from other people that attempt to impede their work. Strong-willed people do not like weak individuals, as well as individuals that complain and fail to be in charge of things on their own.

5. You are an honest person.

What you value the most is honesty. You are a simple person that speaks its mind, a person that is not afraid of coming off as someone that is rude. You do not have two faces, and you tell people what you really think in their faces. Also, you stick by your word all of the time, and you never lie your friends. However, you cannot become friends with anyone or everyone. You hate liars and people that are not honest.

If everything from above depicts your personality or the personality of someone else you know, then you need to understand that those people who have strong characters may appear intimidating, but that they do not have brutal hearts. They simply cannot hide their frustration or anger when they are with individuals that wear masks.

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