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There Might Be A Spiritual Meaning To The Tingling You Are Feeling On The Top Of Your Head

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by Conscious Reminder

Every one of us experiences some weird sensations repeatedly. In fact, these feelings are meaningless for the spiritually inexperienced, and they are considered accidents of the physiology.

However, those that are attuned to their spiritual selves, such sensations are the signs of a higher working. One specific sensation that they may feel is tingling on the top of their head.

That can actually feel needles and pins, or also as a static build-up of electricity. That may not happen on the top of their head but their forehead. It can be completely indescribable, with the exception that they are going to feel some build up that is full of spiritual energies surrounding the top of their head.

This sensation is actually connected to our crown chakra or also called Sahasrara.

Crown chakra or Sahasrara

This chakra is actually the seventh chakra or also called center of energy. The location of this chakra is right at the tingling sensation we discussed above, which means at the top or also the crown of your head.

This is a chakra which governs people’s feelings of oneness and is also the representation of the loss of the ego. The crown chakra is the final one of the primary seven chakras.

However, how is the tingling sensation connected with this chakra?

Opening or activation

This sensation is often described as the symptom of the opening or activation of this chakra.

The thing we experience as the tingling sensation can simply be a physical sign of spiritual awakening that happens right at that moment. So, how can we be aware that the chakra activates or opens itself?

For example, we can search for other different symptoms. They can be strong oneness feeling, also the disintegration of egocentric viewpoints, as well as the sense of more profound meaning in the Universe.

Moreover, we may experience a change in our beliefs all of a sudden, or also undergo a personal and dramatic transformation. In fact, these are the signs of the opening of the chakra, so experiencing them will explain that tingling sensation.


When we do not experience any symptom of activation and opening, the tingling sensation happening on the top of our head can have other meanings. This can mean that we have the crown chakra blocked.

It can also signify that we have energies which are out of agreement in our crown chakra. However, this can be remedied in several ways. For example, engaging in meditation, as well as utilizing affirmation for locating and bringing in balance our crown chakra would be excellent ways.

What can also help us in harnessing our crown chakra, and permitting us control over it, will be contemplating Universe’s oneness, as well as utilizing mantras which denote some feelings of kindness, peace, and unity.

Although in such cases the tingling sensation can be an issue in this chakra, we have to consider this as a chance of progressing on the spiritual journey.

In order to achieve spiritual ascension and awakening, we have to activate and balance our crown chakra. Also, the tingling sensation on the top of our head actually means that there is energy surrounding the crown chakra, so we can utilize it in order to aid us with that goal.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult a medical doctor to rule out any possible medical conditions that might be the reason behind similar symptoms. 

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