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This Is How The Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

The year might be ending, but the season of eclipses is not over yet. And, to that effect, there is a new moon approaching.

The 2021 December new moon will take place on December 3rd PT or if you go by ET, then early December 4th.

This lunation will help us connect with our inner truth and encourage us to find adventure. So here are the specifics of how your sign will get affected by the upcoming lunation:


It is the time for adventure. This eclipse will underline your wild nature and push you to be riskier as you try to grow. Say yes to any fateful chances that might appear that will let you travel.


You may experience an unexpected windfall or get a chance for a new partnership. But listen to what your instincts tell you about these. Give a thought to what might lie beneath the present offers.


This latest cycle of eclipses has completely transformed your impression of the world as well as relationships. This lunar event will be the chance to apply everything you have learned regarding love. Use personal bonds as a reflection where you can see the growth.


Think about what you can do to better your chances of attaining success. The smaller things are the ones that return a big sum in the end. This lunation will give you a chance to stir up your daily routine, and reassess your tiny daily habits.


Get ready for romance. The upcoming solar eclipse will be an exciting opportunity for getting some flirtatious fun while creating new connections filled with passion. It will be a great time for intentionally letting your heart feel more happiness. Believe in life and let it bring something sweet to you.


Everything was turned upside down when it came to finding the balance between your public persona and personal life. The upcoming powerful eclipse will finally be a chance to start laying the foundation for the next chapter. The approaching changes will ultimately lead you to a place where you will feel at home regarding your responsibilities.


The free-spirited and fiery eclipse will bring great new chances for revisiting the local scene. You will also get the chance to show off your social butterfly skills. Conversing with someone heart-to-heart- may be very helpful for processing your feelings during this period.


Your mind is focused on power and money right now. Fortunately, you might be surprised by how much of the power and resources you are craving that is already accessible. Be on the lookout for unexpected opportunities that can enhance your income and relationships.


The previous year’s eclipse cycle has possibly massively changed your identity and the role you play in relationships. The approaching solar eclipse will be the big stage where you can come out entirely reborn. You might be surprised by how much you have grown.


This lunation will be a more introspective moment for you. You will connect better with your spiritual nature, learn to believe your intuition more, and communicate better with the subconscious.


This will be a great time for doing what you excel at: standing apart from the rest and lighting up the world in your unconventional way. It is the time for stepping up and being the leader of your friend group or community.


This lunation will help you use whatever you have learned regarding balancing responsibilities and pressures when it comes to your career. You might get some exciting but risky new opportunities – think of that as a chance to let your creativity shine. 

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